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Sun 23rd Jan 2011

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jerryo commented on Register 2 3DS Games and You Could Win a Mario...:

i could never win any of those because nintendo is NOT an international company. i am outside the "serviceable areas" and i can't take advantage of neither my device nor home town's privileges. i am a european citizen with a US device living abroad, and nintendo doesn't offer me any kind of support or benefits!



jerryo commented on Review: F1 2011 (3DS):

i was thinking of getting this one! i really was ready to buy it.. but i know why they kept the screenshots and in game videos out of sight until it came out.

looks really sad, nothing like what 3DS can do.. and if it plays as bad as it looks.. i think i made the right choice to pass...



jerryo commented on Aonuma: "We'll See" About Zelda Voice Acting:

giving link or zelda a voice would be disastrous... i'm ok with other characters if done right and only to satisfy those who would like VO in these games but other than that it would really ruin the experience.



jerryo commented on Wii U's First Launch Title Announced Already:

Gamer83, i agree with what you say in a way, and that applies to those like you. this is simply a cheap and easy way for third parties to jump in and cash in. but i am in no hurry, i might get them at that point.

on the other hand, most of the "mature" core games, i play them on my PC anyway. consoles are for kids, youngsters and casual



jerryo commented on Silicon Knights Working on "Most Requested Tit...:

it better be this game however when they parted ways with nintendo they said bitter words! so i doubt they would develop for nintendo again. as a matter of pride! (yeah things like that exist in the business world too)



jerryo commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Regularly Offer...:

People who complain about Free Games are IDIOTS!

there i said it!

Free games are great! They should have them regularly! and also provide support for for in app purchases. I enjoy lots of really good free games on ipad!

Yes Ray! you are absolutely right! they should add demoslite versions.




jerryo commented on Check Out the Concept Trailer for Monster Hunt...:

This concept trailer looks funny and action packed! good combo! Absolutely looking forward to MH4 as well as MH Tri 3G!

However only thinking about the time it will take for their localization... is frustrating, and disappointing... most of these games they showed there we are not even sure if they will come to us and when! it could take anything up to a year!!!

With text and VO localization for a decent sized RPG takes about 3 months along with QA. then you get the nintendo QA... say 3-4 months if we are lucky! Unless they aim and plan for global release.. highly doubtful but you never know...



jerryo commented on Round Table: The Ambassador NES Games:

so boring... thank god there was mario, ice climbers and donkey kong Jr. ok Metroid too only has the stupid password save system.. we are not on a friggin arcade machine..

the rest are absolutely too old to play! i am quite disappointed from the selection. but anyway... that's just me.

i seriously hope that some great GBA games will come out...

Now that would be a nice remake!!!!

P.S. OH and i laughed so hard with the "60Hz beauties" comment!



jerryo commented on Rumour: Monster Hunter Tri G To Be Revealed Ne...:

it would be great to get MH on 3DS, but i am thinking that there are too many MH coming out for Sony devices.. in fact they have pretty much raised the sales of PSP single-handedly! So i would think that Capcom would prefer to give it to Vita than 3DS.



jerryo commented on Talking Point: Wii U - Revolution or Evolution?:

it is a large DS. so yeah basically it is evolution.

they are indeed running out of ideas because they first explored unknown territory, then others found green and just ran all over the place.. DS and Wii were the revolution.

It's ok. some times it good simply to relax and follow until you get something really different and good. they have the luxury of being able to do that.



jerryo commented on Nintendo Researching Mobile Phone Possibilities:

it's not phones silly, but modern devices that can provide connectivity no matter where you are. if you are on the conservative side, and something like that ever happens (yeah right) keep it to yourself and simply don't use the feature.

let the rest of us enjoy what modern technology can do for games and gamers. nintendo has lost the battle. end of story, they are still researching 3G connectivity.. they are still researching the internet, they are still researching next gen graphics, they are still researching digital distribution, they are still researching the asian markets, ... well hello ninty and wake up before you fall down hard. while you are "researching" the rest are already there!!!!

pick up the pace, JUMP forward and stop dragging your feet and the fans with you.. for many .. patience with nintendo's quirkiness is something they don't have enough left any more. it was cute for a while, but it has started becoming terribly annoying!



jerryo commented on Nintendo Considering Automatic Demo Downloads ...:

would be great to have video conference and voice chat and ofc chat with friends.

For those of you not aware of it, iphone/ipad have lots of free "Lite" versions of games as they call them. They are in fact demos which you can play before you buy, and get a good idea about the game, first hand. It doesn't shove it down your throat.Bad idea! It gives you a freebie and a choice! Not every game has a "Lite" version but most decent games do!

that is how it should be!



jerryo commented on Nintendo Faces Lawsuit Over 3DS Screen Patent ...:

LG does it and other companies have. this technology is 10 years old, and it is DEFINITELY not the invention of this guy

he is just a dog sony put to pester nintendo, create negative public image, and stall their sales more because they saw them picking up. it is an all out war. with ipod out there there is market space only for 2 major handhelds. they can do nothing to apple, so they attack nintendo.



jerryo commented on Capcom Will Not Repeat Mercenaries 3D Save Fil...:

HOW DARE THEY!!! I paid my money i want to be able to resell it and get some of my money back ! SHAMELESS!!!! Burn Capcom in the fiery pits of hell!!! Operation HELLFIRE! against the non deletable save games KILL THEM AAAALLLL!!!



jerryo commented on We Could See Inchworm Animation Come to 3DS:

@1 +1 and your name too! seems too desperate to show that something is going on init? haha

well if he increases the amount of colors and make it at least as good as Art Academy to paint and adds some cool NON 3D features (and cool vector stuff that can be exported to swf) and also adds 3D (but proper not the crap that nintendo put on photo editing).. then i would buy it.



jerryo commented on Talking Point: The Growing Storm of Operation ...:

@25. gamepopper there is larger profit margin in europe. this way they can afford it. same as Japan. (in japan the profit margin is even higher) US has a discount they pay the least value than anyone in the world. it's all in numbers and the relationship of euro and pound with the yen. .



jerryo commented on Tales of the Abyss Dated for Europe:

it's a bit far away but it will do. i am just getting bored with all these announcements about things that will come... in six months.. next year.. "in the future" and ofc lets not forget "soon"... i want to know about things that will come in maximum 2 months... 3DS will hopefully get a healthy dose of RPGs. if they could port xenoblade etc. on 3ds it would be awesome! this way they would be able to keep everyone happy!



jerryo commented on Talking Point: The Growing Storm of Operation ...:

NoA knows best. But you have every right to ask. Ask and you may receive. Just don't take it for granted that every time you ask someone will give you what you want. Sounds a bit like the philosophy of the spoiled brats if you ask me. There are tons of other games out there, and if you really want it so much, well...

there are used wii's as low as 50-60 euros. grab the game too when it comes out.



jerryo commented on Operation Rainfall Responds to Nintendo's "Nev...:

"I don't see why they couldn't just add English subtitles to these games, ship them limited quantities and just call it a day."

I call this ignorance. from an end user's POV that is how it is.
However it is not that simple. Localization apart from new QA rounds, and various back and forth for the correct translation, also repackaging and new covers etc, distribution costs etc. etc.

for a game that has sold ONLY 120K it would make sense only in a region that has a high profit margin and even in that case it is a risk. US gets the cheapest deal of all. you get to pay for your systems and games less than the rest of the world does therefore you actually have a very low profit margin. They make a lot more out of a unit sold in Japan, and even in EU. UK has higher profit margin than the rest of EU. Plus the entire EU is a much larger market.

A game that has sold only 120K even 200K can only as a euphemism be called a success. Business wise it doesn't make any sense. For the fans alone they did that in Europe for the reason stated above WHICH has also been mentioned by Regie if i am not mistaken. He said, we could do this in Europe because we have higher profit margin. The only way they could actually justify such move in NA is if they pass it in their PR budget. Otherwise it is a total loss. Even if 200K people buy it. (which is NOT the case.) 25K people doesn't justify the localization and QA cost alone which could be over 30-40K. not to mention promotion etc which could go over some hundreds of thousands. Think how many people are going to buy it! do the math.

Are you ready to pay $200 per copy? If yes, buy a used european wii and the european copy of the game and it will be cheaper than 200.

I want the game as much as you do, but i also understand their point of view.



jerryo commented on Zelda is No Longer Royalty in Skyward Sword:

"a school drama" ?!?! was that translated correctly???
we're doomed!

i LOVE the new art style! it simply looks fantastic! and i was convinced by the demo too, but this school drama thing is scary...

well she obviously was zelda.. did so many of you really not figure it out??? if anyone is still wondering you know what you are she does look like a princess no matter what they say she is.. and ofc.. she looks exactly like zelda from a link to the past anyway... only with less gold ofc.. damn that pic didn't seem so big on that page..



jerryo commented on Rumour: The Mercenaries 3D to be Recalled in A...:

have you thought that they may have a plan for revelations? maybe some cross product thingie? i can't believe they just did this for fun!

and what if i don't plan to take it back and i just want to play it? does it still interfere with their policy?

What nonsense!



jerryo commented on Kawata: "I'd Love to Make a Resident Evil for ...:

uhmmmm... NO. the way they make RE games now.. they better not.. maybe start a new action thriller IP. It would be great.

Let them make only RE on 3DS from now on... I prefer alan wake and dead space! (and maybe silent hill)

if i see lots of remakes on wiiU i'll puke!



jerryo commented on Wii RPG Outrage Floods Official Nintendo Facebook:

@49. shame on you if you didn't know they existed. they are probably 2 of the best, i dare say MUST have games that came out for wii for every action fantasy gamer. Although i do feel for them, this is their job. I also feel for the nintendo fans who instead of being paid like the guys there to do their job, are actually paying with their hard earned money every nintendo product for a series of years. I feel more for the later, because some save for months to buy the hardware and games.

i also want that rpg with the boobs for 3DS but it's not going to come either.



jerryo commented on Wii RPG Outrage Floods Official Nintendo Facebook:

it is a pity that guys in US get the shaft. but we on the other side of the pond get the shaft too when it comes to prices. So i guess because they are selling us premium price they bring these out to the region.

otherwise we would get the same!



jerryo commented on Sakurai Yet to Start Work on Smash Bros. for W...:

well i am not sure if SSBM is why i am excited with wiiU.. hell i am not even that much excited with wiiU as i am with 3DS... maybe perhaps when i play at home it is either on PC or 3DS mostly. used to be PC and DS until recently.. my wii is gathering dust anyway...

i want to be able to play lots of cool action adventure and RPGs, any theme.
i like SSBM and i love fighting games in general, but that's just my breakfast

my lunch and dinner is mentioned above.