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Sun 30th Nov 2008

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Jens commented on SnakeByte Christmas Compo - Win Yourself Some ...:

"Sega? Are you kidd'n me?"
"Haha! I just won the Reggie's Christmas Tree Look-A-Like contest!"
"Whenever you need me... Just ring!"
"Wanna push one of my buttons, huh?"
"Hey, Miyamoto! Who's...! your...! daddy!?"
"Time to play the game!"
"Boys just wanna have fun!"



Jens commented on Wii Firmware Update Makes Transferring to SD F...:

I still don't see, WHY direct download to sd card and faster copy speed ist better then increasing the amount of the internal memory or not having the option to play directly from a sd card. Better than nothing, ok, but it's not what's possible!



Jens commented on Capcom: No Street Fighter II HD or Bionic Comm...:

Well, I don't see why a wii title always MUST have that wii gesture stuff - why not just put an old school control scheme into SF4 or SSF2T:HDR? Sometimes it's better to have it the "old way" controlled! I don't need any gestures in a street fighter game at all - just gimme a d-pad and 6 buttons!