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Have a great interest in Game Development. Primarily using Game Maker, ask if you need any help with a GM project.

Sun 9th Jun 2013

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Jenraux commented on F-Zero 'Spiritual Successor' Kickstarter Makes...:

I don't think "Dave" will be receiving any of my money.

This game doesn't sound like it's very well thought through or planned, they're setting very ambitious goals for themselves. Such as promising 1080p 60FPS gameplay before they've even started, it's impossible for them to know at this point whether they can pull that off, seeing as it looks like they haven't even started making the game.

EDIT: Oh nevermind, the games been cancelled already. Well done guys, think you just lost everyone's confidence in you even more...



Jenraux commented on Pokémon Jukebox Arrives For Free on Android D...:

@Zombie_Barioth Seems I was wrong. On GameFAQ's the majority of people said Nintendo owned Game Freak with a 54% share.

The only things I could find out, is that Nintendo own a minority share in Creatures Inc.

Nintendo own 32% of the Pokemon Company, but they also own the Pokemon trademark and logos. So overall Nintendo have the most force behind them, seeing as they own 32% of the Pokemon Company, own part of one of the other 2 companies involved in Pokemon, and own the trademark rights to the Pokemon logo and Pokemon branding.



Jenraux commented on Pokémon Jukebox Arrives For Free on Android D...:

@Artwark Game Freak own Pokemon.

Nintendo are majority shareholder of Gamefreak (I believe they own 54% of Gamefreak's shares.)

Effectively making Pokemon Nintendo property.

But Game Freak are a 2nd party, so they're owned by Nintendo, but operate separately, much like RARE was during the N64 years.



Jenraux commented on FAST Racing NEO Details Finally Exit The Garage:

"It'll run at 60fps (frames per second) and 720p"

And yet they post the screenshots in 1080p. Guess they used a PC for that.

Ah well, this is looking pretty beautiful regardless. I hope we see it at Nintendo's E3.



Jenraux commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley For 3DS Launches...:

@tobbonni I haven't played any of the 3DS or Wii HM games, besides Magical Melody, so I'm not too sure.

I hear Animal Parade (2008) on the Wii was a good entry.

For portables, Hero of Leaf Valley on PSP (Playable on Vita if you get digital copy), was decent, although I found myself ignoring the farming aspect of the game almost 100%, as it wasn't needed at all. Sunshine Islands on the DS is also well received, and A New Beginning on 3DS is apparently decent.



Jenraux commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley For 3DS Launches...:

@tobbonni This isn't "Harvest Moon" perse, this is a different franchise developed by Natsume, using their Harvest Moon trademark.

The original developer of HM games (Marvelous) is creating a new series called Story of Seasons, after Natsume seemingly didn't allow them to use their HM trademark anymore.

In summary:

Harvest Moon (1997-2004) Developer: Victor Interactive, Publisher: Natsume
Harvest Moon (2005-2014) Developer: Marvelous, Publisher: Natsume
Harvest Moon (2014-Present) Developer Natsume, Publisher: Natsume
Story of Seasons (2015-Present) Developer: Marvelous, Publisher: Marvelous

Magical Melody (GC & Wii) and Friends of Mineral Town (GBA), were developed by Marvelous.



Jenraux commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley For 3DS Launches...:

I think we're all better off waiting for Story of Seasons.

I wouldn't have minded if they didn't bother localizing it, I'm actually surprised that they are.

When your game gets a metacritic score of 44/100, you're best off brushing it under the carpet and forgetting it ever happened, not carry on localizing it for other regions.



Jenraux commented on 3DS Hack Removes the Need for Flashcards to Pl...:

It was discovered in October 2014 and patched in October 2014, not really sure why this is being reported on?

Nintendo removed this game from sale several months ago, and I'm pretty sure the game is no longer in circulation.



Jenraux commented on UCraft is a Wii U Exclusive Once Again:

@TheRealThanos Fair enough.

But people will speculate (myself included) when talking about a high-profile game such as this, arguably one of the highest-profile games coming to Wii U, seeing as it's riding on the success of the 3rd best-selling video game of all time.

I was probably a tad harsh on the guy, but he does seem to be rather rash in the decisions he makes, perhaps revealing his decisions and game to the public before he really should, such as turning it from a Wii U to a PC game, and now back to a Wii U game, all within 5 months. It worries me that he hasn't planned all this out before-hand.

You need a game-plan before tackling something as huge as a game project, otherwise you're going to be all over the place.



Jenraux commented on UCraft is a Wii U Exclusive Once Again:

@TheRealThanos I was simply making the point that if you are to release an English trailer, you should have it proof-read first, or else it will hurt your marketing, which is deadly for indie developers. As you can already tell, his initial trailers have created a lot of distrust among those that saw them.



Jenraux commented on UCraft is a Wii U Exclusive Once Again:

@TheRealThanos Probably because the developer is very unprofessional. If you release a trailer with poor English or typo's and just making a bad show of the game in general, it gives a very negative opinion about it.

Not to mention he's charging $20 for this game, that's a LOT for an eShop game. MC itself is around the same price, and has a lot more to offer.

And I know he's charging $20 because he came on the NL forums a couple of months ago and advertised that if they paid him $20, they could get into the closed beta on PC.



Jenraux commented on Video: We Tackle The Dual-Stick vs. Motion Con...:

The motion was better than I thought it'd be, but it's still not a replacement for dual stick controls imo.

I have great difficulty aiming with motion, and I'm not too accurate, I played 3 games with motion only, and then 1 game with dual stick and was instantly better.

I am known to be clumsy however, so it might just be that motion controls require more motor skills, that not all of us possess. It's easier to move your thumb than it is to move and tilt something all at the same time.



Jenraux commented on Nintendo's Super Spring Sale Shines Light on S...:

@rjejr I've played 2 player of it on the Xbox 360, it's decent.

I think World of Keflings added split-screen, so it was a good addition that let players split-up. The game lasts a good 8 hours I reckon, you could probably extend that time if you messed around with town designs, but if you basically went forward to the missions, it'd probably take you around 8 hours to do it.

I don't think it's something you'd replay after finishing it, but it should provide decent entertainment for children while it lasts.



Jenraux commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (...:

@MarkS27 Well the Australian Dollar is weak compared to other currencies.

The worst price here is the UK, 25 GBP = 47 AUD. 30 Euros = 45 AUD, 30 USD = 37 AUD

Of course this is adjusted by the fact that the average wage in these countries is different. The UK's average wage is far lower than the US for example, but is aided by the fact that the GBP is worth more than the USD.

And I'm speaking too much.



Jenraux commented on Nintendo Download: 18th December (Europe):

@aliaric This is Nintendo we're talking about, they didn't even do Black Friday deals outside of the US, think we're gonna have to wait a few years for them to catch up with the other companies on the digital front still.



Jenraux commented on Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Enjoy Biggest UK P...:

@FragRed The only (official) Wii U bundles in the UK are Wii Party U, MK8, Wind Waker, NSMBU, Skylanders.

You pretty much have to buy a bundle these days, it's hard to get a Wii U on their own, I'm pretty sure the 32GB has been discontinued as a stand-alone console. The 8GB can still be picked up in places though.



Jenraux commented on Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Enjoy Biggest UK P...:

Yeah, Wii U presence has pretty much come and gone in the UK.

Saw some demo boothes in GAME for SSB, but the consoles are usually stored behind counters rather than on display, and the games have a section smaller than PSV/3DS/PS3/PS4/360/XBO/Wii. I'm not even joking when I say that the OUYA has more presence in my local GAME store than the Wii U, it literally has a counter that's filled with OUYA consoles, not that that's a good thing for the OUYA.