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Sun 27th February, 2011

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JeffreyG commented on Video: This Is What Watch Dogs Looks Like On W...:

Hmm, I believe I said something like "they probably just want to make the game run as good as possible on the Wii U, so that's why they delayed it." a few months ago. Looks like I was right after all. :)

Still interested in the game, will probably pick it up once I'm done with Smash and Captain Toad. Knowing Ubi, the price should be a bit lower by then. ;)



JeffreyG commented on Video: Early Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Footage...:

I just don't understand why they chose a development studio who has never created a video game before. This is just Big Red Button trying random stuff out to see what works and what doesn't.

It's so sad, too. Action/adventure platformers like these have become pretty rare, so I've been really looking forward to this.

And sadly, even the biggest Sonic fans who were actually looking forward to this and who DID get a review copy don't seem to be happy with the game, either...



JeffreyG commented on SEGA Outlines Impressive Plans For Sonic Boom ...:

@Yorumi My original post was a bit vague, sorry for the confusion. :P There is definitely a market for both high quality and cheap figures, however I do think the quality for cheap toys is bigger, as there are most likely more children asking there parents for toys than collectors who want there figures to be really high quality. There's nothing wrong with any of the two, there are just different people with different desires.



JeffreyG commented on SEGA Outlines Impressive Plans For Sonic Boom ...:

@Yorumi Yes, but that's the difference. You collect high quality figures, these toys are intended for children whose parents don't want to spend that much money. Believe me, I'd love to spend more to get higher quality figures, but that's not the audience they're going for with this.



JeffreyG commented on Miiverse Update Improves Filtering, Saved Post...:

@ghasfarost Yup. :( The community description says:
"Due to unforeseen circumstances, the screenshot feature has been disabled in this community.
We are looking into the cause of the problem. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused."

I don't know all the details about it, but a YouTube channel named Akfamilyhome has a video explaining it.



JeffreyG commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

I'd love to get it, but this is seriously the worst possible timing to release a third-party game on Wii U. Maybe if Nintendo's endless stream of 2015 games ends someday, but not for now.



JeffreyG commented on Play: It's The Second Nintendo Life Community ...:

Is it me, or is the item balance in this game much worse than in the previous ones? You get hit with 20 items in a row, but then don't get any items to catch up.
I hate to say it, but the more I play this game, the more I dislike it.

Well, I think I'm gonna play some Sonic Transformed now. :P



JeffreyG commented on 3DS System Update 8.0.0-18 is Now Live:

I still hope they'll change the home menu to make organising the icons more Iike the DSi, where you could place icons in between others instead of replacing them. That worked just so much better than the current system.



JeffreyG commented on Review: 2048 (3DS eShop):

Or just spend your money on the original Threes. I'm not a fan of smartphone gaming, but there are so many fun little animations in Threes (and there's the fact that it's the original game), which convinced me to buy it.



JeffreyG commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summe...:

@unrandomsam 3D World and MK8 didn't have tutorials. :P
I get what you mean though, and like I said, I really like Sonic Lost World. Mastering Lost World and Sonic Transformed feels more satisfying than mastering SM3DW and MK8, simply because there's more to it. For newcomers however, it could be better for games to be easy to learn. That's basically what I was trying to say. :)



JeffreyG commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summe...:

@umegames I really enjoyed Lost World as well, but I don't think it's one of the Wii U's best games. It's pretty hard to get into and I can definetly understand that quite a lot of people don't really like it.

I do think Sonic Racing Transformed deserves a slightly higher spot, but that's just my opinion.