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Male, 31, United States

I love everything Nintendo, but also enjoy gaming on other consoles. My first game was Mega Man 3, and my all time favorite is MH4U. Also a HUGE fan of DKC and Fire Emblem. I own a Wii U, PS4, X1, 3DS and Vita. And of course, a Gamecube and Wii.

Fri 15th February, 2013

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JaxonH commented on Super Nindie Maker: Choice Provisions' Paratro...:

That's my specialty- NORMAL LEVELS.

Here, anyone who's sick of the gimmicks and wants well thought out, play-tested to perfection Mario levels that very easily could be imagined to be in a real game, please enjoy. I made these specifically for that purpose- so that people looking for normal, fun levels could be entertained.

Please, do enjoy these 2 which are VERY close to real Mario stages:

Piranha Parkway (NSMBU)

Spiny Miny Tunnel (SMW)

And if you want a solid ghost house chock full of secrets, hidden exists, shortcuts and items but ISN'T a maze of identical rooms, play this:

Luigi's Last Mansion (SMW)

And my most non-conforming Mario level (but still great fun) is this creation meant to imitate Metroid style of play. Find items to gain access to new areas and progress. This one is for the serious Mario and Metroid fans. Very creative, very fun, and you'll feel like you just beat Metroid Prime 2 all over again when you hit that flagpole:

Super Mario: Zero Mission (SMW)

I have others- easier levels, speed running levels, all kinds and in all 4 styles. But they're all REAL levels. No gimmicks. No garbage. Just pure platforming excellence. Just search JaxonH on the level sharing page for the rest.



JaxonH commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final is an All-New Ent...:

Hype! Waiting for that NA localization announcement now. SMT4 sold 250k in NA compared to 270k in Japan so I'm sure well get this game.

It's EU I'd be worried about. SMT4 sold just 0.7% of it's global numbers in Europe.



JaxonH commented on Star Fox Zero Delayed To Achieve a "Platinum F...:

Idk, maybe I need my eyes checked but I just don't see what people are talking about

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Rhodea Sky Soldier looks noticeably poor for a Wii U game, and no one cares. Not even the people who are buying it and excited for it. MH3U looked like an HD Wii game (it basically was) and people might have made a passing comment but that's it. Never stopped anyone from enjoying the game. Yet people seem obsessed with finding any fault they can with Starfox and making a really big deal about it. This game looks FAR better than the two I just mentioned yet it's getting 10x the backlash. Heck, there wasn't even any backlash for the other two. So why now? It seems like witch hunting to me. Looking at those screenshots above.... Ya, this definitely seems like witch hunting. I mean, people are already criticizing the game for being a "sorry rehash" without having seen more than 10 minutes of gameplay. How can one definitively come to that conclusion with so little knowledge about what the game offers?

I mean, if it turns out the game isn't that great I'll be the first to say it (AFTER having played it), but in the meantime I'm judging by what I see and what I hear from those who have played it. What I see looks fantastic. Visuals are up to scratch, gameplay looks fun, the little walker and rover look like a blast... no complaints from what I see. Now, what others have reported having played it... Yes, that does concern me a little. Most of it boils down to a learning curve with the controls, but I'm up to the challenge. I've learned that the trickier controls to master are the most rewarding when done right (right analog, motion, dual screen, etc), so I'm cautiously optimistic that won't be a problem for me- on the contrary it very well could be a pro in the game's favor. At least for me anyways.

***NOTE I think the hexagonal rings throw people off with the visuals. For some reason the hexagonal shape does give the game a more dated appearance, maybe because back on N64 they were hexagons due to the inability tot output a round ring.. But if you eliminate those from the equation, I think you'll find its just an illusion of being dated. The rest of the game looks fine.



JaxonH commented on Star Fox Zero Delayed To Achieve a "Platinum F...:

If it plays poorly then so be it, but I'll wait to judge for myself because it looks plenty fun from what I'm seeing.

I'm just not seeing what you or anyone else is talking about with the visuals. I look at this game, then I look at every other Wii U game- I see negligible difference. Sorry I'm just not seein it. But even if I did, I'd brush it aside. I play 3DS games with far worse graphics- Vita and Wii games with far worse graphics. It just wouldn't be a big deal. But that's not even the case because honest to God I'm clueless about all these complaints on the visuals. It's like staring at a image that is supposed to pop out at you but you just can't see it. I'm staring at these screenshots trying to see what others are talking about, but I just can't see it.



JaxonH commented on Rumour: Mii Fighter amiibo Might Be a Toys "R"...:

BestBuy insists on doing in store only now, and it pisses me off.

I don't do in store. Too much trouble, time driving, it's just really inconvenient. The discount from GCU is more than consumed by the gas and time driving there. I really wish they'd start selling online again- that's the one thing that bugs me.



JaxonH commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

@a31qwerty Post#36

Ok, thanks for linking that. Apparently it was a pretty large party, in fact it's advertised as THE largest every year, and always "at capacity" with themed drinks for sale, a Smash Tourney and contests...

Which is probably why it drew attention. The $4000 is probably combined profit and lawyer reimbursement.

With all that said, I still think this is mind boggling. Something ruffled their feathers, and I don't think it was just making a few posters...



JaxonH commented on Video: See the Unboxing of the Animal Crossing...:

Ya it is. I'll admit the screen is still small enough to affect certain games (tried DKC Returns last night and it was still hard to see in the background, although it was a little more tolerable than the original 3DS), but it really speaks volumes that despite this shortcoming I still prefer to use it over the XL (at least for now, maybe I'll tire of the small screen down the line but as of now it's worth tolerating).

And the benefits are the visuals look better on a smaller screen (and more like handhelds of yesteryear, back before all the XL madness), the faceplates are AWESOME (can't get enough of those Fire Emblem Fates cover plates, my GOODNESS they look good!), the colored buttons look awesome, the all white looks awesome. It's just really freakin awesome!

I'm not fond of the spaghetti string stylus though. The New 3DS XL stylus was cutting it short but this one is short AND thin as a paperclip.



JaxonH commented on Star Fox Zero Delayed To Achieve a "Platinum F...:

I see a lot of people drawing conclusions about the game having bad controls without having played it, or complaining about looking at two screens. That sort of was the whole idea with Wii U- the two screens. It wasn't long ago people were rioting over te gamepad not being used in Nintendo's games. Now it's being used in a meaningful way and some say they don't want to look at the screen.

Can't have it both ways.

I think the graphics look par for the course as far as Wii U games go. Nothing struck me as horrible, in fact some of the textures rather impressed me. In any case it looks plenty good enough to enjoy, so yes I am actually more concerned over framerate staying at 60fps. I can't stand low framerates, while I don't mind slightly less graphical fidelity.

Bottom line- game looks great to me, graphics are satisfactory to me, controls I will test for myself but I don't mind a learning curve. In fact I prefer games that require a little learning and skill. It took me a while to get good with a right analog stick too. New controls never been done before require an investment. But what they bring to the table is more than worth it.



JaxonH commented on Video: See the Unboxing of the Animal Crossing...:

I just bought the Animal Crossing HHD New 3DS that released in NA with faceplates, I REALLY love that AC design on the faceplates with the house and rainbow.

But, I couldn't resist slapping on the Fire Emblem Fates cover plates. And MAN does it look sexy! I went on a cover plate binge and also ordered both the black and white versions of the MH4U cover plates, the Monster Hunter X cover plates, Pokemon (new preorder with blue background and different Pokemon all over), the wood grain LE and Xenoblade. And of course I have the Fire Emblem plates I'm using, the AC plates and the 2nd AC plate with the character's face on it. So a nice little collection so far.

Also oreordered that Hyrule Gold New 3DS XL. Will match perfectly next to the Majoras Mask XL.

I admit, the New 3DS is still noticeably smaller than the XL, which was always barely big enough for games like DKC Returns (when DK blasts to background) and Smash (when it zooms out), but it looks SO. DANG. GOOD. that I'm still tempted to do a system transfer and use it as my main.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Download: 1st October (North America):

It hath resurrected my Vita from a cold, dead slab to breathing life again!

Persona 4: Dancing All Night surprised me. It's a really great rhythm game, even better than actual rhythm games, and with the benefit of a good Persona story. In fact they did such a great job of writing the plot that it doesn't even seem strange to be dancing off against monsters lol.

Sleeper hit all the way- a real gem.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Download: 1st October (North America):

Definitely buying Freedom Planet. I was more than impressed with the demo.

Looks like it's gonna be a Sonic kinda month, what with Freedom Planet this week and Sonic 2 3D next week.

We'll see if Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Mario Maker, LBX and MGSV will let me play though.



JaxonH commented on Super Mario Maker Back on Top in Japan as 3DS ...:

Who is pretending that? Maybe one person in the comments- there's always one person who'll say and think anything.

But make no mistake- 18,000 is a good number. Even the top selling system in the region barely sold more than that. Maybe 5 years ago it was average but not today.

And the PS4 was only averaging 12k a week before. So the Wii U is definitely doing better recently regardless of the PS4 price cut



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Attempts to Show the Fun Side of Anim...:

Oh I absolutely want all those Animal Crossing amiibo. I have an unexplainable draw to Animal Crossing characters. They're so adorable arent they? I gave in and started collecting those AC Amiibo cards, and just got the New 3DS bundle (that 2nd faceplate was too awesome) but I did put on the Fire Emblem Fates cover plates



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Attempts to Show the Fun Side of Anim...:

I'm buying it but really just for the Amiibo. I wish we had gotten a full entry but I'm not upset. Every game can't be a main release I'm interested in. And I'm sure they've for a full entry in the pipeline. They'd be fools not to after New Leaf's sales



JaxonH commented on NOA Announces Coming Restock of Old amiibo:

Well no, they're never going to be "plentiful". Restocks work like any other wave. They come- if you want one you gotta jump on it cause they'll dry up too. Some longer around but not usually.

I was just saying Canada has already received 2 massive nationwide restocks of these characters while the US got nothing. I know cause I used a forwarding service to import pretty much every amiibo from the first 2 waves (Canada got every single amiibo from wave 1-3 restocked).

I remember Walmart advertising them, and they sold out in a few hours online. BestBuy just plopped them all up on their website in one go and said have at er lol, even Gold Mario was available.

Wish I'd known you needed those- I had like 65+ extra rare amiibo at one point but sold them all off. I was accumulating WAY too many extras just because it was a rush to buy (we amiibo hunters call it "the sickness"). A rare amiibo goes live and, despite having one opened, one sealed and one in the closet, you buy anyways just because. I've taken great strides in putting the sickness into remission (says the guy with 4 extra sets of the latest wave piled on the floor)



JaxonH commented on NOA Announces Coming Restock of Old amiibo:

The entire wave 5 is in stock EVERYWHERE. You really gotta start shopping online. Walmart, Amazon, GameStop, take your pick.

You know who else has them all in stock? Jaxon's Amiibo R Us. Zero Suit, Olimar & Pikmin, Ganondorf, 8-bit Classic... heck I even have a Retro 3 pack. Place your order now!



JaxonH commented on NOA Announces Coming Restock of Old amiibo:

@Iggly @nintendude1229
I believe Canada already got 2 separate restocks for all of these figures, so I wouldn't hold my breath. They didn't restock the US when Canada got all these figures, so I don't think Canada will see any of the US restock either.

But I could be wrong. And hey, Amazon ships globally so...



JaxonH commented on Super Mario Maker Back on Top in Japan as 3DS ...:

I want that new Hatsune Miku coming on on Vita (when it's releasing I have no idea). I just hope the songs are in English. But I definitely want it either way.

But ya Persona 4: DAN really impressed me. The story mode is like playing a real Persona game, only it's dancing. See I just recently got into rhythm games. I pride myself on playing everything on all consoles (as long as it's top shelf of it's genre), and it recently dawned on me that I never really played rhythm games before. I'm surprised how good they can be, particularly this one.

I bought Rhythm Heaven Fever on Wii at the recommendation of @Sinalefa as well as Final Fantasy Curtain Call, but have yet to really dig into those.;



JaxonH commented on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Will Be Served Up in...:

I played Mario Tennis on Wii so many nights with my friend. She was a bartender and would come over after bar time for some late night drunken Tennis matches lol. She died at age 26, so all I have is the memories of those Mario Tennis games.

I'll be grabbing this for sure. In fact it's already preordered. Some good games coming in the next few months that's for sure



JaxonH commented on Pre-Orders Open for the Cute But Deadly Marth ...:

Ordered last night on Otaku Mode. $41.99 with free shipping, free display case, free $10 coupon for next order, AND, an offer popped up on the site that said "add something to your cart and get a $5 coupon code. So I used that and $1.60 in TOM points to get Marth for $35.39 shipped, with display case and future coupon.



JaxonH commented on Rumour: Retailer-Exclusive amiibo Look Set for...:

I wouldn't jump the gun.

This has no bearing on the final Smash wave which, I can almost guarantee you, will involve store exclusives.

But it's only one more wave.

But I would submit retailer exclusives make it EASIER to get an Amiibo. If they have 50,000 Amiibo and distribute 10,000 to 5 retailers, and there's 2,000 people who buy as many as they can and therefore buy one at each retailer, that's 10,000 gone off the bat instead of just 2,000 had they all been sold at one retailer with the limit one per customer.

With this last wave, the easiest Amiibo to obtain were Dr Mario, Bowser Jr and the Retro 3pack. Which just so happen to be the 3 exclusives.



JaxonH commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

@rjejr Already did, like 2 months ago when the first preorders went live at TRU. Then again at GameStop. Then again at BestBuy.

I "upgrade" my preorders as they go live, until eventually I get my BB order in. I just cancel each old order as I put in a new one. This way I guarantee myself the bundle in case I miss it at a better retailer somehow.



JaxonH commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

Speaking of restocks, Walmart just had Robin, Little Mac, and a bunch of others earlier today.

But keep in mind, every amiibo is never going to be available at will. There's too many. Basically, the prior waves are caput. They're gone and don't count on them coming back. They'll probably see more restocks, but just don't count on anything.

But going forward, stock is well over abundant. Even now wave 5b and 8-bit is STILL available at GameStop, among other retailers



JaxonH commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

@rjejr I've had all 3 color Yoshi's for months, but I don't import games. But yes, I'm DEFINITELY getting the game. Maybe even an extra copy to keep bundle sealed. The game looks fantastic, and I tell you now it will get the Jaxon Stamp of Approval



JaxonH commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

Ya amiibo are everywhere. Stock shortages are over. That Yoshi Bundle and Chibi Robo Bundle are everywhere- Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, even BestBuy with 20% GCU discount.

Even the Retro 3 pack is back in stock at GameStop, as is the Xenoblade Collector's Edition. Gold Mario bundle with Super Mario Maker at Walmart. I could go on, but bottom line is this- amiibo are everywhere but no, it doesn't seem to be common knowledge.



JaxonH commented on Analysts Wonder If Super Mario Can Save Ninten...:

I do think there is too much dramatization and over exaggeration that simply because one console struggles to sell, the entire company is therefore in jeopardy and needs to be "saved".

I'll admit they've seen better days, but they did turn a profit last fiscal year as I recall. I'd say before a company hits the "needs saving" status, they better be losing money hand over fist, selling off assets, looking for buyouts and contemplating bankruptcy.

That's a company that needs saving. Nintendo? They'll be fine, even if their Wii U console didn't sell that well.



JaxonH commented on Super Nindie Maker: Image & Form's Ghostly Mus...:

Sounds brilliant. Reading his thought process defininitely reveals his level of experience.

I'm no developer, but I sure feel like I could be if I knew how to program. When I make levels I do it very methodically, play test, fill to the brim with secrets and space every jump and place every enemy to perfection.

Even if the level turns out to be a bust, the thought process behind it is impressive.

I'll give the level a go this evening.



JaxonH commented on 3D Effect Will Be Disabled When Playing Hyrule...:

Since the advent of the internet, having all content created for a game over a length of time on one disc is a thing of the past, save for a few AAA titles that release GotY editions. With the internet came patching and post release content, and that's just the world we live in now.

But I think if you ask most people here, they'll tell you the season pass is 100% worth it- jam packed with all kinds of content and for only $20.



JaxonH commented on Xenoblade Chronicles and Fire Emblem Character...:

Honestly, I'd say no. You can find the physical version for half that price now. Unless you are a digital only person.

But watch some gameplay first. It's not for everyone. Truth is I lost interest in it pretty fast, but I also feel I didn't give it a fair shake. Maybe with the 2nd will come some improvements alongside these new characters