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Tue 18th Nov 2008

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Jason_Hughes commented on Review: Bruiser & Scratch (WiiWare):

Thanks for the positive comments, those of you who bought and enjoy the game. Corbie called it like he saw it, and so did IGN. And I respect that.

It seems people think that developers are making a killing off you guys. This is simply not the case. The WiIWare market is really small, compared to Live Arcade or PSN even, both because so few people know how to hook up the Wii to the internet, and so many who do are unwilling to spend anything on new games. Sad as that is. If anything, you should expect games to be more expensive to compensate, especially from independent developers. Big companies have years of shipped products to draw their code and art from. We have to start from ground zero. So it's more expensive, and takes longer. Simple as that. This is why so many indie devs go bust right after their first game ships.

If we let some of you down, I'm sorry. Bruiser & Scratch was our first game, and we wanted to start small and deliver a lot of gameplay per dollar. We achieved that goal. I hope we have an opportunity to make a second title for you.



Jason_Hughes commented on Bruiser & Scratch Coming To WiiWare In December:

We're part-way through the process of getting into the EU. It isn't as simple as just translating the game, because the EU has 3 or 4 different ratings organizations that we have to register with, submit the game to them for review (each has their own process), and finally once all that is done, submit to Nintendo of Europe for their QA approval.

We are too small to attempt an American release simultaneously with European release, so we're doing the best we can. I do apologize that Europe has to wait... If it were as simple as picking a release date, it would be done already.