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Tue 16th Feb 2010

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Jarael commented on Review: Chrono Trigger (Virtual Console / Supe...:

I will agree with this review, even if I think it is biased by nostalgia a little bit. However, that being said, I will forever maintain that Tales of Phantasia is not only the greatest RPG on the SNES, but probably the greatest RPG of all time. It's a shame it never came to the US until it was ported to the GBA. But then again, my opinions vary from most people's anyway, since in my mind, Final Fantasy V > Final Fantasy VI.



Jarael commented on There May Never Be Another Smash Bros. as Hard...:

This sounds fine to me. Brawl was tons of fun. And if you think about it this way "making it less hard" = making tripping optional. But maybe I'm an optimist. The way I see it, do what you want, Sakurai-san, just give us Mega Man, Simon Belmont, Geno and Ridley!



Jarael commented on Miyamoto: Nintendo May Need to Rethink its Onl...:

Really, the only changes that need to be made are to abandon game-specific friend codes and just have one code per console, period. That plus the addition of some kind of Achievement/Trophy system. Mario Kart Wii (as much as I hate its rubber-banding and other problems in gameplay) got Online play right on. Easy way to find & add friends, plus an option to play anonymously without friend codes. That is, IMO, what Nintendo needs to do; and that is not so back-breaking as to necessitate a monthly fee.



Jarael commented on Sonic & Knuckles:

This may indeed bring me out of my long drought of buying stuff for the VC!