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Fri 22nd Aug 2014

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JaniN83 commented on Random: Someone Loved Super Mario Bros. Specia...:

Someone also loved Zelda II: The Adventure of Link enough to recreate it in Super Mario Maker.
You can access Parapa Palace with code 4363-0000-00A3-9AB5, and then selecting the user's profile and viewing their courses provides the full list of Zelda II palaces. In addition to the seven palaces found in the original game, there are currently two palaces that are totally new ones.



JaniN83 commented on Video: We Want Your Super Mario Maker Levels f...:

I've made and started uploading palaces from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. One palace uploaded daily, currently three available. Codes for them are:
Parapa Palace: 4363-0000-00A3-9AB5.
Midoro Palace: C0E7-0000-00A5-F476.
Island Palace: F54B-0000-00A8-01DC.

So be sure to check my page ( ) to see the codes for the new palaces. Final will be released on Sunday. Have fun!



JaniN83 commented on Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker Wii U Har...:

I wish eShop titles would be greatly cheaper than boxed games, since they're cheaper to "produce" and they can't be sold to someone else afterwards. Also, if they are not transferrable to the NX, selling the Wii U would cost a lot with over 100 eShop titles in it...



JaniN83 commented on N-ZAP89 and Octobrush Weapons are Next Up in S...:

Wishlist for Splatoon 2 for the NX:

Ranked battle:

  • When losing a battle, lose 5 points instead of 10.
  • Better and faster matchmaking and not putting A+ players against B+ players (unless they are on my side)
  • When battle is over, don't display the result screen so long. Especially when losing, this only increases rage instead of smiles.

That's something to get started with .



JaniN83 commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

If the console will be account based, does this mean that if there are multiple users/console and two users want to use the same eShop title, both must buy it? Now since it's console based, all users of the same console can Access the content downloaded to it. Isn't this much better?



JaniN83 commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

The more often we get a new console the better. Like smartphones, new version every year that costs more than the NX and everyone will buy one. So I hope we get a new one already. Day 1 buy like every Nintendo hardware.



JaniN83 commented on Nintendo NX Will Avoid The Launch Issues Which...:

They should make a deal with 3rd parties where they are not allowed to make games to other than Nintendo consoles. This way N will win again. Oh, and EA has no right to come to NX, let sony have them and fail with their ps4.