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Sun 6th Oct 2013

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JamesNighthawk commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

I am the flip of some people here... I loved the W101 demo, and bought it a few days after. However, I found the controls for the wonder powers to be so hit and miss that my enjoyment of the game slipped as more were acquired. Yes, some will accuse me of refusing to "learn" it properly. However, I dropped 7 hours into the game before FleaBaying it, which should be more than enough time to get a handle on a game.

I am however very keen to play bayonetta, as the things I liked about 101 (the solo controls and the camp craziness) seem to be there, without the gesture/shape stuff.



JamesNighthawk commented on Video: How Much Faster Is The New Nintendo 3DS?:

Important speed question that I haven't seen addressed... Is the speed of loading up and switching between the Streetpass games improved? I love me some street pass puzzle pieces and the battle game, but loathe the slow load and transitions. I guess this depends on whether the system sees it as "one" piece of software or a selection... Thanks in advance