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Re: FIFA 14 is Skipping Wii U Because of "Disappointing" FIFA 13 Sales


Being an English sports fan, I was a potential customer for a FIFA game.

I decided not to buy because of EAs reputation. I will not buy a game which could potentially have a server shutdown, after a mere 18 months.

Maybe EA should consider if past practice is affecting sales? I'm sure the current install base is made up of learned gamers. We make noise with our wallets. Not 'worst company' votes.

Re: "Suspicious" Box Poses Question for Arizona Police


It's silly to think that the police overreacted because it looks like it does.

That nut who shot up a cinema appeared to think he was Batman villian. I'm sure it's possible that there a some asspiring 'jokers' fantasising about atrocities, out there.

It would be silly to dismiss it, regardless of the climate.

Re: Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And The Challenges Facing Nintendo This Generation


He sums up the impact of IOS gaming, perfectly, I think.

Can't say I agree on his opinion re third part support though. The console is getting cross platform releases. And surely exclusives like Monster Hunter, Bayonetta 2 and LEGO city can stand toe to toe with those titles that won't be on the system, this year.

If software is what drives the install base, and if cross platform releases only matter to people who own one console, I don't understand his assessment on third party support. Unless its based entirely on GTA

Re: Talking Point: The Downside to Delayed Releases on Wii U


I voted for Rayman in Jan, but not in March

I would have bought it, if it was available now, but I'm not so sure that I will buy it, come September, because of the competition on the shelves.

That's why I couldn't vote for it this time. But hey, maybe the promised challange mode freebie, will change my mind....

(it'll need to come before September though, if it arrives the same time as the retail release, I'll probably just download challenge mode and forget about the full game)