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Tue 24th May 2011

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J_watch commented on Talking Point: Online Gaming Can't Recreate th...:

People really tend to forget how much online play can improve a game. Star Fox Zero would actually be appealing if it had meaningful online modes. Instead I have to pretend to be excited for a lackluster looking game because "muh nostalgia," and Nintendo continues to waste the Star Fox series potential.



J_watch commented on Video: Catch The Highlights From The Recent GE...:

@ColdingLight Being a recognizable name in the community is what sponsors really care about because it promotes their brand the most. Liquid sponsors a lot of the OG Melee stars like Ken and KoreanDJ, even though they don't win anything. But people look up to those players anyway because of their legacy, and being associated with them is just good PR for Liquid. Smash players are cheap to sponsor anyway, so I doubt they would even bother dropping any of their players.

As for Chillin, he got some respectable 17th placings at CEO and TBH5 last year and is ranked the 54th best player in the world by MIOM. Really not a bad at all, he just gets completely outclassed by almost all of the other recognizable top players.



J_watch commented on ​Activision Blizzard Has Acquired Major Leag...:

Well, RIP Smash Bros Melee and Wii U circuits then. It's a shame too, they really tried to make up for what happened in Anaheim with their 2015 run. We also got one of the best grand finals sets for Wii U that day.



J_watch commented on Splatoon Developers on the Future of Splatoon ...:

3 maps at a time would be too much to handle for Nintendo gamers. Everyone knows the more you arbitrarily restrict your player the better your game is. Give them any kind of online convenience and next thing you know they'll want to talk with their friends in-game or something crazy like that.



J_watch commented on Feature: Time to Vote for Your Nintendo Life G...:

@Sligeach It's basically baby's first alternative shooter. I probably would have loved Splatoon if I had never branched out from Nintendo. Right now the game is just too slow and boring, I'd rather just play TF2 or overwatch.

GOTY from Nintendo, uhhh... Woolly World was pretty alright. Most of what nintendo put out this year was pretty bad, but a yoshi game finally not sucking was a nice surprise. Super Mystery Dungeon I probably would have loved if it came out this year for PAL, so lol guess that ain't winning any awards.



J_watch commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

Good thing they shut this down. Now I get to once again desperately try and defend more IP infringement garbage and pretend this company doesn't only care about how much cash I give them, cuz Nintendo and me are best friends.



J_watch commented on Mewtwo amiibo Spotted In The Wild:

Makes me wonder if using a DLC character amiibo will unlock said character in-game if you don't already own them. It would suck if someone bought a Mewtwo for their kid (assuming all of the planets align on a full moon and the average consumer could walk in and buy one from a retailer) and then found out they have to shill out another 4 bucks just to use the thing.



J_watch commented on Mother 4 Is On The Way, But It's Not Being Mad...:

Shigesato Itoi himself said he wouldn't mind seeing someone else make Mother 4, that's justified enough for me at least. They could hide behind that in case Nintendo chimed in.
The thing about the Mother fandom is that they're way more passionate about the series than most people think. All of the fanmade stuff I've seen from them is pretty high quality. I'm excited to see this coming out so soon