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Wed 13th Mar 2013

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JFug commented on Video: Eight Reasons to Avoid The Walking Dead...:

Glad to see you guys put ZombiU as a reason you should not get this game. ZombiU is actually scary, fun and difficult. ZombiU's campaign is probably 3x as long as the one in Survival Instinct. Had this game for one day, then I traded it in.



JFug commented on Shadow of the Eternals Expected To Spook Its W...:

Looks great but Nintendo should get publishing rights so they can make it a RETAIL release.....Wii U needs all the retail games it can get and this game could looks like it could certainly move units if it were a physical copy.



JFug commented on Video: Wii U Menu Speed Upgrade Cuts Waiting T...:

"That's still more time that we'd ideally like to spend waiting..."

Are you l*oving kidding me? You're still complaining about the time? It went from 20-30 seconds to 8! I for one am pleased by how fast it is now.



JFug commented on Ubisoft Not Disappointed With Wii U Install Base:

Ubisoft's third party support is great, as is Activision's and Warner Bros. Interactive. However, I would like to see other 3rd party publishers on the Wii U, such as Square Enix, Capcom, EA and Namco Bandai.



JFug commented on Reaction: Doom and Gloom Merchants on Wii U Be...:

In all fairness, I don't think we should count the Wii U out yet as E3 hasn't even occurred and surely Nintendo has unannounced titles for it, possibly Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Interactive or Activision as well