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Mon 5th Jul 2010

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JFA2794 commented on Online Play Not Showing Up on the Radar of Sta...:

That sure is the nail on the coffin for this game. Nintendo needs to realize that Wifi play online is dominating the market. I can easily start a 3g game of doodle jump or fruit ninja on my iphone in seconds. Unless there's gonna be a starfox online for Project Cafe, then it sucks to hear about this.



JFA2794 commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

Well Nintendo did release this game at around the same time that Halo Reach came out. And another thing, Nintendo never offers demos for their games like xbox 360 does. Normally, demos for games is usually what makes me convinced or not to actually get the game. I don't want to watch videos of the gameplay, I want to be the one trying the game out! Nintendo needs to rethink their advertisement schemes. Maybe release a wii game demo category on the shop channel?