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Sun 3rd Oct 2010

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J-Forest-Esq commented on Feature: Keeping Mario at the Top:

I suppose it's similar to when authors deliberately choose to set their book in an ambiguous time period. That way nothing can get out of date or seem clichéd thanks to the ravages of time. In the same way, as you described, Mario isn't really anything, nothing about him can wither with age. If you look at any other mascot; Sonic, for example, when he went through his "cool" phase it soon went out of fashion as people's pre-determined expectation of what was "hip" and "funky" advanced beyond him. In fact, I'd argue it's Mario's irrelevance that has kept him at the top. You can't look at his games through the lens of current society and apply its' values to it, thus he can't be perceived to be out of date. Or something like that.



J-Forest-Esq commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's 3DS Press Conference:

@42 When it was selling badly.
@50 That's true, but it doesn't mean the original poster's point is any less valid.

I think the 3DS is recovering slightly, and by Christmas everything should be relatively hunky-dory, but I doubt it will ever be as successful as the DS. Also, is Iwata wearing a waistcoat? Cool stuff.



J-Forest-Esq commented on Nintendo Europe Dropped London Life to "Avoid ...:

@23 It's cockney rhyming slang for "can you believe it?" The irony being cockneys are from London.

Isn't this thing meant to last 100 hours? That doesn't sound like a "mini-game" to me. I'd gladly swap Pandora's Tower for L-Life. Anyway, I still haven't decided whether I should import or not.



J-Forest-Esq commented on Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

As long as it's only used for a few games that I don't want, then I don't mind too much. If it becomes a standard for first-party games too, then that would be a tad annoying. Either way, it doesn't alter the fact that that thing is ugly and gives the impression Nintendo is grasping for any ideas out of thin air and then rushing them, which isn't helping.



J-Forest-Esq commented on Dragon Quest X Requires Online Connection:

@58, 59 Ah yes, well, I've already got that actually...but Dragon Quest X was revealed aeons before Xenoblade so it comes as a bit of a blow to find it's not what was expected. Maybe I'm just greedy but I would still like a proper console DQ.



J-Forest-Esq commented on Round Table: Looking Back at the Star Fox Series:

I do love a good round-table. Top stuff everybody.

I loved Star Fox Assault. I completely agree about the sense of "epicness". It was actually one of the first games I ever completed, and I remember being almost overwhelmed by the scale of the final throes of the game. Also loved the Landmaster segments, I thought they were perfectly distributed. Looking forward to 643D.