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Mon 18th Aug 2014

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Ishmokin commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Monster H...:

Played monster hunter freedom unite, portable 3rd, Monster Hunter Ultimate 3, and MH4U. All them are excellent, with Unite being my former favorite. My new favorite is Mh4U. Capcom has definitely outdone themselves.

For those who can't get into MH because its on a handheld, get MH3U for Wii U to play it on the big screen. It's excellent and has online play too. Then once you are hooked, trust me, you will buy a new 3ds and play Mh4U.

Most hunters understand that Monster Hunter is more than just a game, its a lifestyle And hunting with your real life friends in person is the best MH experience. With beer , pizza and lots of laughs and trash talking



Ishmokin commented on Super Smash Bros. Seizes Gamescom Most Wanted ...:

I never owned a smash game. But this is the most anticipated game for me as well. I bought a wii u mainly because of this game. Which in turn made me buy mario kart 8 with free pikmin 3, mario 3d world, mh3u (have it on 3ds first) and tekken tag. Its my main console after my pc gaming rig and 3ds.