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iphys commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

I've been satisfied between the Nintendo games and Indie eShop offerings. Let's face it: most 3rd party games aren't usually worth paying full-retail for and end up being $20 bargain-bin games after a few months, and I'd rather just play the Indie eShop games, which are usually a little more unique than the stuff 3rd parties do that are just tried-and-true types of games.



iphys commented on Players Reached Splatoon's Level Cap So Fast T...:

@ultraraichu Some people naturally stay up very late or wake up very early, a lot of people have insomnia and wake up for a couple hours in the middle of the night before going back to sleep, or a lot of people are forced to work strange hours and adjust their sleep schedule accordingly.



iphys commented on Latest Splatoon Splatfest Results Are In, Eati...:

Water Slides. Went 28 and 24 and won a 3v4, so I'll always remember that fondly, but I definitely did feel like I had more weaker teammates than on team Dog, so I'm not surprised the overall winning percentage was so low.



iphys commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Releases Statement on the Pas...:

Wow, even Miyamoto didn't see it coming. At first I kind of wondered why Nintendo wouldn't have transitioned him out like Steve Jobs when he was dying, and I felt almost lied to that they didn't give us any sign this was coming after being so forthright about his initial medical problems, but I guess really no one knew.



iphys commented on Splatfest Details Are Confirmed for 18th July ...:

I like the colour and look of waterslides better, so probably that, although I do rock the roller so maybe I should go roller(coasters). In Europe it would be a much easier decision for me to take sleeping over eating, but I fear that team might sleep in and miss Splatfest, lol.



iphys commented on Splatoon Version 1.3.0 Update Due on 30th June...:

I hope if you've actually invested a lot of time playing for the losing team in Splatfest it's more sea snails rather than less that they're going to be giving than they were before. Everyone seems more concerned with picking the team they think will win rather the team they want to actually represent.



iphys commented on Nintendo Gets Tough With Miiverse Bans, and So...:

It seems fair enough to me, since it's too easy to get around Miiverse bannings right now, and it makes people accountable to their family members if they go and get the whole family banned. If you don't want to get in trouble for people you share your Wii U with, then get your own Wii U. With the trolls silenced, maybe it will be easier for the moderators to do their jobs properly, so there won't be as many wrongful bannings.



iphys commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Hints at Smaller New Nintendo...:

Special SKUs? Weren't the standard model just supposed to be basic white or black, or would they really release special edition standard models? That sounds so strange. Whatever, I'd take it no matter what junky faceplates it came equipped with.



iphys commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

What thunder? They barely even marketed the thing and made so many other mistakes like the name and the stupid Basic model that they overproduced. This thing had fail written all over it the moment it was announced 4 years ago to the point I felt physically ill just watching their 2011 E3 conference.



iphys commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

It was so disappointing I wound up playing Pokemon Shuffle for most of it, waiting for the interesting games to get announced, which never happened. The only good games presented were ones we already knew about last year. Was really hoping this might be the year for a new Punch-Out!! too, sigh.



iphys commented on Talking Point: Super Mario Maker Stole the Sho...:

It was amazing to watch really good players play those crazy levels, but I feel like I would never have an amazing experience like that with the game myself, so it didn't make me want to buy the game ultimately.



iphys commented on Splatoon Global Testfire Suffers Major Problem...:

So basically at the end of the hour when people gave up all hope of it working it finally worked for the few people that stuck around. That's still no real test that it will be functional on release day when people won't just stop trying to access the game after an hour. The only good that came out of it was I got to play Squid Jump for an hour, lol.



iphys commented on Nintendo Announces Best Buy Locations and Deta...:

This was cool back in the day with Tetris, but Dr. Mario is a kind of weak Tetris wannabe that's just hard to get as hyped up about.

Only 8 locations is super weak, but I guess they wanted to narrow the field before the E3 event.



iphys commented on Splatoon Global Testfire is Confirmed for One ...:

If they cared about giving everyone another opportunity to demo the game there would be two of these 12 hours apart. Apparently they really only care about testing the servers one last time. Whatever, I'm in!



iphys commented on Stretchmo, Known as Fullblox in Europe, is Ava...:

Played the demo, and it's only like 5 minutes of basically just the tutorial and then one easy puzzle. I like that it's more complex than Pushmo, but I feel like I just want to buy the NES Expo because I hated the long buildup of easy puzzles in Pushmo and really only liked the NES stages, but then I hesitate to do so, because if I change my mind and want everything later it's still going to cost more in total.

At least it only costs 10% more in Canadian dollars than US like they actually paid attention that the CAD has gone up a little or realized we stopped buying the games when they were 25% more.



iphys commented on ​The Prices of the Remaining Physical Goods ...:

Super lame considering people might have held on to their coins for these deals if they hadn't told us the program was ending and left us with the belief we should just unload all our coins, and of course now there's no way to earn any more coins to take advantage of these deals. People that redeemed for physical rewards 3 months ago only just got them about now, coincidentally when they drop the prices, and a lot of people are expressing disappointment with their quality as it is. Way to leave a bitter taste in our mouths, Nintendo.



iphys commented on Nintendo "Currently Investigating" The Idea Of...:

Please. Nintendo needs to accept that people actually cross borders in this day and age and that people should be able to take their systems from one country to another and be able to buy games for their system in another country. I had to wait 2 years to buy a Wii because I knew if I bought one when I lived in South Africa it would be useless when I got back to Canada.



iphys commented on New StreetPass Mii Plaza Games Incoming, Along...:

@Starwolf_UK Oh, I've been deleting so I won't lose my first streetpass tags and special miis, but it's so time consuming going back to find people to delete and having it bring you to the front of the plaza again after you delete each one. I actually don't take my 3DS out with me anymore for fear of tagging new people. Paying $5 feels like they're monopolizing on how cumbersome they've made their own plaza to manage, but it would be easier to pay the $5 than keep deleting, so I'd probably pay it if it solves the problem. I hope there are some other perks to VIP.



iphys commented on New StreetPass Mii Plaza Games Incoming, Along...:

Maybe the VIP room prevents those people from ever getting deleted from your plaza? I know I've been wishing I could favourite miis so I don't have to worry about losing them. But I don't see why that should cost $5. That should be free if you buy the 2 games was what I was expecting the bundle to be.