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Thu 25th Sep 2008

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Intel commented on Review: Bomberman Blast (WiiWare):

Bomberman works nicely as a local multiplayer game but the online lag and random disconnects make me wonder if 1000 is bombermans right price. :S Don't get me wrong, i still play it online and have fun with it but it's really hard to find a room where i dont get randomly disconnected. Besides that my wii remote is kinda broken, so when i get a shake item i cant stop using it lol, its like i had super human stamina. xD



Intel commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (24th Sept):

lol who the hell buys SPOGS racing? lol it looks like looks bad and from what i've heard plays even worse... The next time some1 wants to throw some money away think twice, they can be spent on VC games which most of the times is a smarter choice.