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Sat 8th Dec 2012

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Instinct12 commented on New Pokémon Nintendo Direct Appearing On 8th ...:

I think as long as it is either a RS remake, 6th generation announcement, or any of the gameboy games on VC then I will be happy. I think that if it is indeed the RS remake, which i think is most likely, it will again be for the ds and not the 3ds. Black and White 2 literally just came out not even a couple month ago, and having a new game on a brand new console would be astonishing to me. Plus as the track record shows, whenever gamefreak makes a game on a new console, it takes them 2 years to come up with a main series game. If it is a 6th generation announcement, it will for sure be on the 3ds, but it will probably be a weak announcement, showing the "lucario Zoroark" type pokemon (maybe the starters if we are lucky). The fact that it is a 10 minute long conference (as seen on implies that they will have a lot of content to talk about, which would imply that they have some sort of gameplay footage. I am hoping that because it is such a long conference, that they will maybe announce two of the three things I mentioned above, but I would be happy with any one of them.