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I'm a C# programmer and grammar nazi. Wait... Nazi... I'm German with blonde hair and blue eyes. OH GOD I'M NAZI! HELP!

Mon 24th Jun 2013

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InsertPi commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 2DS and Wii ...:

I originally thought that this was just a horrible idea, but after looking at it a bit more, I think its actually pretty awesome. This is a tablet for kids. It's not for us. It has 2d so the little kids don't hurt their eyes, it's cheaper, and it dropped the folding design so that the kids can't put it in their pockets and take it places where they're not supposed to.



InsertPi commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

This is honestly just stupid. I can understand it if it STILL HAD THE FLIPPIN FOLDY SCREEN!!! Only then will I think that this will sell well. Also, what about a 2DS XL. Friggen way to big. I feel that Nintendo needs to redeem themselves with something good after the Wii U flop, not another piece of crap. Nintendo, you're better than this!