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Thu 20th Oct 2011

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InfinitysEnd commented on Review: Donkey Kong: Original Edition (3DS eSh...:

Yeah the DK64 version is still the best. Why the hell couldn't they bring that one over instead? What the hell is wrong with Nintendo? And why the bloody hell couldn't they have added back in the "How High Can You Get?" screen?



InfinitysEnd commented on Review: Jett Rocket II - The Wrath of Taikai (...:

For those of you just finding out about this now - the game is on sale through 10/23 for $5.99. I just played the demo and I'm definitely intrigued. I may buy it if I have some bucks laying around by then. 'Tis a shame there's absolutely NOTHING on this game on the mainstream sites.



InfinitysEnd commented on Metroid Database Needs Your Help with Series B...:

James, I really appreciate you posting an article about this. I contacted this site because I just wanted to get word out about it as much as possible. However, you made it seem as though we are actively searching for new artists for the Bestiary, which we are not at the moment. When we start on the Prime series, that may happen in the coming months, though.
We are running our latest drawing contest, though, and anyone is free to enter.