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ImDiggerDan commented on Renegade Kid Is Bringing Survival Horror Title...:

They are in submission with Nintendo, according to a tweet from RK. They are finished, they are coming.
It costs a serious sum of money to publish games in Europe. It is free in America. Devs have to weigh up the number of sales in America to estimate if they'll actually make any money releasing in Europe. Sucks to be in Europe, but that's business.



ImDiggerDan commented on Nintendo Region Locks Consoles To Get More Har...:

"However, this all changed with the 3DS". Not quite right. This changed with the DSi when running DSi only games. Original DS games were not region locked.

The introduction of region locking in Nintendo handhelds arrived at the same time as parental controls/games with ratings built in. There is your reason for the introduction of region locking. How do you determine whether a game that is acceptable for all audiences in one territory is the same for all others?



ImDiggerDan commented on SteamWorld Dig Wii U Release Date and Pricing ...:

Cross buy really would make a lot of sense. There's little point to people paying for an additional copy on another system, but more sales may be encouraged if people knew that they could get two copies for the price of one.



ImDiggerDan commented on Nintendo Download: 19th June (North America):

@Windy & others.

I'm pretty certain the 3DS does not display 3D visuals. Two clues - the banner on the eShop is 2D, I'm pretty certain Nintendo now require games with 3D visuals to have a 3D banner and the more info section for the game doesn't mention 3D visuals, other games do mention it.

For me, this means a Wii U purchase. Easier to share with the family and there is otherwise no advantage to having the game on 3DS. Sad to say, I consider it a cheap port to 3DS if they haven't added stereoscopic to a game that would look absolutely fantastic with it.



ImDiggerDan commented on Review: Digger Dan & Kaboom (DSiWare):

Really glad to hear you are enjoying the game. I always like to hear feedback, good or bad.

I just wish I could have got the 3DS version out by now. It's pretty much finished, but we're just not happy with the art.



ImDiggerDan commented on Guide: 3DS XL System Transfer:

I would advise this additional first step:
Use the 3DS to move any DSiWare to the SD Card first.

This will prevent the system transfer process re-downloading them again which takes ages and also may well eat up the data allowance for those planning to do it over a mobile connection.

You could delete them and re-download them later, but this will cause you to lose any saved games.



ImDiggerDan commented on Nintendo UK Launches Repair Website:

I'm tempted to keep sending my 3DS system in for the free evaluation. They'll send it back with a report that nothing is wrong and hopefully a ton of StreetPass hits from all the Nintendo staff....



ImDiggerDan commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising 3D Screenshots Swoop Into...:

I really wasn't that interested in this game until watching the 13 minute long video by the producer on the eShop yesterday. The multiplayer looks really involved, although I probably wouldn't play multiplayer that much, but the amount of work and content that has been put into the overall package is really tempting me.

If only I didn't have to buy a house right now. :(

Also, doesn't this one support the circle pad pro thing? There was no mention of it on the video.



ImDiggerDan commented on eShop Game Size Limit is 2GB:

So, back to what I said in comment 32 - Team Meat got it wrong.

And some Vita download games are already 2GB? Yeah? I feel bad for Vita owners, then. At least on 3DS you aren't as likely to need to buy a new memory card quite so soon and if you do need to, at least you won't need to take out a mortgage to afford it. :)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I've played some fantastic games with hours of gameplay that take up less memory than my animated avatar icon. Yeah, more capacity does increase the potential for more levels, better audio and a video, but you don't need that much more than the Wii's 40MB limit to add more levels. I can live without fantastic audio and FMV cutscenes, particulalry in download games.



ImDiggerDan commented on GAME Drops The Last Story Limited Edition:

I think (based on earlier rumours from staff that were pretty much confirmed) it's the suppliers who won't give Game any more credit to buy stuff with.

I'll be glad to see them sink - if you have any gift cards or other credit in the company, time to cash it in, I say.



ImDiggerDan commented on Out Now: Nintendo 3DS Ambassador GBA Games:

It isn't a case of "lazy ports". The games run the hardware in DS mode, not 3DS mode, hence why no Street Pass and why when you shut them down, it takes a while for the menu to populate again - the 3DS hardware is effectively rebooting fully.