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Thu 24th Jan 2013

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Ikriolu commented on Donkey Kong Country Trilogy To Be Pulled From ...:

I know that Rare developed DKC, DKCII:DKQ, DKCIII:DDT, and DKC64, and Nintendo Published them. If DKC64 (assuming it was already on VC) was removed, then something is going on between Nintendo and Rare. Nintendo DOES own all rights to DK, but Rare did make the games, so it can't be forgotten. And for the removal from NOA's VC, WHY!? I DON'T HAVE EM, AND PLANED TO GET EM! WTF NOA?! Oh well, I still can get em for my SNES. (+ I have the GBA re release of DKC! have not beaten it {FLIPING HARD}, but it is still fun)



Ikriolu commented on Game Over For THQ As Assets Are Purchased By R...:

I never enjoyed the THQ titles I got. Why? Because I got the cruddy GBA games based off of T.V. shows or movies. and we all know the story with these kinds of games, and for those who don't, just look at Super Man for N64.