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Sat 13th Apr 2013

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ikki5 commented on Video: Digital Foundry Tackles the Native Reso...:

"30 fps is not unplayable although some people think it is"

If 30 fps is not playable now, why was it playable before?


Um... yes, a lot of those games were 60 fps. I don't exactly know why you are getting mad at me as I was just pointing that out because someone said it isn't the 90s. lol



ikki5 commented on Download Sales Continue to Increase to New Hig...:

If hey give a decent harddrive in the next console, they'll probably see even better numbers. Not many people want to pay and extra $50-$100 for a bigger drive... even more so when they could buy the others systems for that price with the better space and the support.



ikki5 commented on Pokémon Go Showcase Session Confirmed for GDC...:

Pokemon Go is one of the reasons why I got a smart phone.

It's actually very easy, I didn't have a phone up until November of 2015. I used a lan-line for my phone. I don't own a car so I would never need one for car emergencies and if I was anywhere, I had internet there with a computer or I just didn't need the internet. Really, the only thing a smart phone does is give you slightly more convince and makes it easier for other people to get in your way.



ikki5 commented on Bravely Second "Tomahawk" Costume Change Confi...:

This is something that has baffled me about the First Nations here in NA. People dress up as natives, do native themed events or including them in stuff, they are offending their culture so they get angry. No one wears native stuff, no themed native events and native stuff removed and change to not offend them, they get offended saying we are not including them enough. Really, it is a n lose lose situation. If they include stuff, the media or people blow it up, if they don't, then the media or people blow it up. It's no wonder we are so messed up here.



ikki5 commented on Create Your Own Super Mario Maker Wallpaper Th...:

@JohnnyC I'd love that, I remember when the animal crossing plaza came out and I thought it was going to be a theme but it wasn't, I was disappointed but then i thought, maybe it is a sign of it coming but nope... I've stopped really expecting or hoping for themes because they are probably never going to come to the Wii U.



ikki5 commented on Eiji Aonuma on the Idea of Giving Link a Voice:

@kenrulei Final Fantasy is different though. In Final Fantasy, it is different stories, different worlds and it is more in depth for the story. Most of all, it is different characters mean that it is new characters where people don't already have a set mindset or even know who they are.. Even then, take a look at the Final Fantasy games now, you never feel as connected to the characters anymore. Think back to what people say are the best ones. The ones where your imagination played out, you read the text, named your characters and so forth. How many people do you hear say that 12, 13, or even 10 are the best ones compared to IX, VIII, VII, VI, etc. Final Fantasy 10 was the last game where you could name your characters and it was only one, Tidus and it kind of make it awkward as you never hear anyone say his name.



ikki5 commented on Splatoon Producer Hints at More Content Being ...:

Waits for it to be announced as paid DLC and then the uproar.

What doesn't make people smell direct? It's January, must be a direct soon. The month is almost over, must be a direct soon. Not much in this weeks downloads, must be a direct soon. Not much information about a game, must be a direct soon. Maintenance, must be a direct soon. Random game announcement, must be a direct soon. Random game content announced, must be a direct soon. See my point? It amazes me that people still expect directs as much as they do and they only set themselves up for disappointment.

it's more the fact that they need to own the amiibo to unlock the content. Depending on the amiibo, they can be limited quantity making it so you will never get it or have a horrible experience with trying to get it. With this game, it has the problem where you have one of the 3 amiibo only available in the 3 pack. Not everyone bought the 3 pack, people such as myself so if i was to get all the content of the game, I am looking at buying the squid amiibo at a higher from a random dude price simply because I cannot get it separately from Nintendo. At the same time, it is also a form on one disc DLC, meaning that content was created in the game and then removed from the consumer to only be access through the purchase of another product. On Disc DLC is seen as a big no-no in the gaming industry because it literally means that the developer removed created content that was done during the development of the game and instead of buying the full game upon release, you're only buying a piece of it.

The other thing with Amiibo as DLC, some people just want the content, content that would normally cost a couple of dollars like skins are now $15. Mind you, you can often use the amiibo for other games but you are still buying a hunk of plastic... which can break meaning you could lose the content as well.



ikki5 commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

I don't know why people are expecting the NX to be a handheld when it has been referenced on many occasions by Nintendo that it is a home console.

@Vandy The XboxOne and PS4, though their current line-up is questionable at the moment, they have two big things the Wii U doesn't have. One is support from other developers and two is the hardware capabilities to handle the games being released for the next 5-8 years, if not more. That is where a lot of the incentive for people to buy those consoles over the Wii U come from. The Wii U in general just isn't developer friendly for this generation because of it's limitations and gimmicky hardware. The other thing about those systems, is though they also have those "rehashes," they also have a wide variety of types of games to play where Nintendo, is a bit more limited. For example, there isn't much for racing except for well... Mario Kart and then recently, Neo Fast racing. Need for speed in there I guess but there is a lot less and your choices are limited. Same with sports, shooters, jRPGs (though, this one is only starting to grow now), etc., it is just the other two consoles offer much more choice when it comes to choosing the games you want now and up coming. Also, keep in mind that I am mostly talking about home consoles here.



ikki5 commented on Hyrule Warriors Legends Secures Third Place in...:

@faint I don't remember disagreeing with you that would would not run like crap, I remember saying they'd probably do something to optimize it for it to run a little smoother but I did agree with you that the performance would be less... I just didn't expect it to be this bad to the point where you would be forced to buy the upgraded system.

In the end though, even if they do this all the time, it doesn't make it a smart decision and from the looks of it, it will really show with this.



ikki5 commented on Hyrule Warriors Legends Secures Third Place in...:

@faint Regardless of who's decision it is. It is still a very stupid thing to do, force people to buy a poorly running game on their system to get some content. It could have been done much better. Personally, I am hoping for it to flop a bit because a flop, will kind of show the developers that they need to do better.

Well, it can do that but it can also force the developer to actually listen to what fans are wanting instead of giving them the middle finger and doing whatever they want. Even more so, if it did badly on Nintendo in Japan, it'll probably do the similar on other systems there as well. Developer's need to remember that it is their consumers that keep them employed.

Oh.. and the game did flop in Japan... it flopped big time, just so you know.



ikki5 commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

@Of_Folsense "This isn't really censorship"

Yeah, that's why they are removing parts of sexualized content, dumbing down homo sexuality stuff, etc.

As for buying the game, why should it matter for how many people would still buy it? The fact more remains that everyone would have bought it that was going to buy and they all would have been happy if the stuff was still in there however, with the censorship, some people may not buy it/ will be more disappointed with the removal on content. That is a dangerous way of thinking when it comes to it. "Oh, lets not have this product like this. Oh, but people will not buy it or be un happy. That's ok, that half will be." Like come on, Why purposely split an audience? That's just stupid. You are arguing that only one side should be happy and the other should be disappointed when really, both can be happy which is where I asked you how that makes us "entitled" because... really, calling us entitle for wanting the same... It's just stupid. lol The word entitled is far too much overused by apologists. There is nothing wrong and nothing entitled to wanting to have the same treatment as others when there is no reason to not have the same treatment. If you think there is, then it is a delusion in your head that you need get out of there.

Now, as for removing content, me thinking it lessens the quality of the product... well, in a way, it kind of does. Though it doesn't directly lessen the quality, it does lessen the product as you're taking a finished product and removing things (there is more than this minigame that has been removed btw). There is nothing really being added, stuff only being removed so you are getting a product with less for the same price.



ikki5 commented on Hyrule Warriors Legends Secures Third Place in...:

@amiiboacid The problem with that is then the Wii U content becomes a $50 DLC. I for one would love the new content however I cannot justify spending $50 for a game I already own on the WIi U that runs like a piece of garbage and I don't want.


Yup, the Xbox One is doing that badly. It's launch week was like 25k and then it just crashed. I think Microsoft was expecting it to do a lot better and to replace the poor Xbox 360 sales but it basically just took over what the 360 sales were.



ikki5 commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

@Of_Folsense There is a massive flaw in your argument here:

"Like I mentioned above, the fans who want to buy this game haven't even paid for it yet, but many are absolutely outraged at the removal. Doesn't that seem odd? And it happens all the time. The people who own the game made the removal, and THEY are perfectly entitled to."

You are forgetting something. Nintendo is a business; those "entitled" fans that are outraged are the ones that are keeping Nintendo in Business. Yeah, sure, they are entitled to do whatever they want with their game but at the same time, if they keep doing stuff to outrage the fans, and then they (or some) will be out of a job.

Now, for this "unneeded" thing that is in the game to appeal to the more "general" audience, tell me something, would you have bought this game if they left everything in it? Most probably, even more so, many people probably would not have known of these until they already bought the game because if this was never done, it probably would not have been advertised as much. But overall, I cannot see someone who was planning on getting the game to say "Hey, this minigame that is option will make me not get the game." It is not like the game is rated for children and I'd hope the people playing it are at the maturity to contain themselves but I guess that isn't the case. But removal of features/content, that is more likely to get less people to buy the game. Really, it Nintendo wanted to censor it, they should have done it before it was released to anyone instead of make this one version with all this stuff, to then remove it.

Now... as for this "entitled" talk you speak of... What makes you say we feel entitled? Because it is actually funny... and kind of pathetic when you really think about it. If you want to take a look at what entitlement really means then well, it means that one believes to be more deserving or they should get special treatment... Now, where your logic on the entitlement here falters here is we are asking... for the same as what another region got. Now... how is that entitlement? We are not asking to get more, we are not thinking we are better to deserve more but yet, we want the same as what the other regions got and that we want them to stop removing the content which is said to be optional meaning that, both sides can be happy with the content in there. Really, wouldn't it be the other way that you are the entitled one because you feel that only you should be the one happy here? That you are the one on the side that doesn't get the shaft? So tell me again, who is really entitled here? I'll assure you, we, the ones asking for a stop to censorship are not the entitled ones. I think you are confusing criticism/ genuine disappointment with entitlement.



ikki5 commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

@IceClimbers LOL What? I bought my PS3 last Christmas. In fact, this week probably marks my 5th week owning one? Christmas was a piece of garbage for Nintendo and so I finally had the money to buy Sony products which was a PS3 and a slew of PS3 games because all my money usually goes to Nintendo from the fall to Christmas. But I only bought one Nintendo game... Xenoblade... that's it. I havn't even talked that much, just more that Sony offered me more than what Nintendo did this year sand so all my money pretty much went to Soony... for the first time ever. Sony apologist? Lol, I think you have me confused with someone else. Either that, If I am the biggest "apologist" here for Sony, then everyone on this site must hate Sony with a passion.

As for why I choose apologist? Simple, Every god damn time Nintendo removes, censors, does something controversial, the same people are always here praising them and making shallow excuses for them even though their "optional" stuff, doesn't mean they have to use it if it is there. If Nintendo left it in, they'd be happy because what they want is there and the ones that want the stuff would be happy because everything is there. Both sides are happy. The way the apologists have it and talk, one side gets the shaft. This is what apologists never seem to understand and why they are inferior minded.



ikki5 commented on UK Pre-Orders Open for Pokkén Tournament Pro ...:

Nintendo is very stupid when it comes to controllers it seems, the sad part is fans eat it up. Maybe not so much this controller because it isn't the gamecube controller but overall, they are just dumb to slurp up a controller for a single game only.



ikki5 commented on Nintendo Further Explains Fire Emblem Fates Lo...:


for my post. the first part is about the whole same sex and Nintendo seeming to feel the need to censor or downplay same sex relationships such as they did in this game... The second part... was more in general how anything sexual related, Nintendo tends to downplay it in the west to make it more "appropriate" when really, it doesn't need to be.

With the same sex thing, Nintendo really shouldn't be downplaying any of it to "make it more appropriate" considering how it goes against the path of society. Nintendo is still looking at the west from the past and they need to get with the times. It is good that Nintendo did leave it in there a little... though they still played it down compared to what it was and they need to stop doing that all together, stop with these "baby steps" to test the water and take a look at the west as of today.



ikki5 commented on Nintendo Further Explains Fire Emblem Fates Lo...:

Ok, I am sorry but to make it more appropriate? The US recently went though the massive Supreme Court ruling making it so States could not make same sex marriages illegal and such pretty much legalizing it everywhere and acceptable in the United States.

This is nothing more than Nintendo being oblivious to the Western world and making unneeded censoring.

Even more so, not sure about the US but in Canada, In school we were exposed to sexual themes as of grade 2 and I was 7, turning 8 in that grade. By grade 4, so 9-10, we basically learned everything. Here is a game where it really doesn't go into much depth at all on the subject matter that is rated teen and they go, yet again censoring it. Nintendo needs to get with the times.



ikki5 commented on Nintendo of America Confirms amiibo Support fo...:

@ricklongo So... by your logic, as long as there looks to be a lot of stuff, it is alright to not get a full game upon purchase for all Nintendo games even though some of the features that are there would normally be included in the games and that you'd need to spend at least a minimum of $16 (Canadian price, not sure what the Brazil price is), on top of the already $70 to get the full content of game modes, mini-games, full game use, etc..