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Ichi commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

This is a joke... They did a terrible job porting rebirth to Wii U, if anyone remember, even the original game on pc wasn't any good technically. It all translates to "I'm too lazy to care", that's fine but be honest about it...



Ichi commented on Random: This Real Life Pokémon Gym Looks Rath...:

@Acein210 If you are talking about Larkin Jones, he was using Pokemon commercially, and while it might have been a fun idea, it's different from using Pokemon in private company aka fair use. Don't get me wrong I feel for the guy, but he made a mistake.



Ichi commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Top 10 Super Mario Pl...:

I imagine if we were able to give a set of points to multiple games, the list would be different.

I have many favorite Mario games. It's hard enough ranking them, but choosing one of them as a favorite is unfair.



Ichi commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer...:

Very hard, but I have to say 3D World it, I imagine playing it instead of Super Mario World as a kid...

Mario Bros. 3 is also all-around great, and Mario 64 is on the verge of being epic, but Mario Bros. 2 is imo more fun than those two.

Unfortunately I can't say anything about the GameCube or Wii games, as I haven't played them yet. The others, I've played through countless of times, they're all great!



Ichi commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:


Well, you can compare Adam Sandler to the salmonella infested fast food restaurant. People eat stale, tasteless food everyday, they don't always want to go to fancy restaurants. They don't even bother to learn how to cook properly.

It's the same with entertainment, people play Candy Crush, watch Taken 5 and Alaskan Pawn Shop Trucker.

But yes, there are many games that has a lot of potential, still the idea of an AC movie i.e. comes from you enjoying the games so much that you want to externalize and explode it. It's a testament to the game really, and not the (idea of a) movie itself.

I love X-Men comics, but the movies however good they are will never live up to the comics. So it's a slippery slope.

But I can see potential for a FE anime, and Ratchet & Clank may be good. And I would love an AC movie if done properly!



Ichi commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:


I'm not questioning how anyone at a certain age can enjoy this movie or any of those games, I'm responding to a response to the question about who the film was targeting...

The arcade references, although many may vaguely know of them - like Pac Man ie, it really brings memories to the people in their 40s, maybe 30s or 50s.

If it was targeted to my generation ie, which grew up with Adam Sandler, it would reference NES/SNES characters.

But I too enjoy arcade games. The movie? I dunno, I doubt it...



Ichi commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

There's no apparent arrogance in that statement, that's your subjective and cultural interpretation. The japanese in general have a more humble attitude, so when they say stuff like this, all your paranoid aggressive neurons fires up. That's speaking in general in terms of culture, of course there are many individual exceptions.

Imagine Megaman whatever for NES came out today, most people would just not like it, but still it's a really great game. So the director would comment: "[it'] reflects the player's skill directly/vividly."

"OMG, he actually went there!!! Calling us bad gamers..."

But it would be the truth, and you know it, because irl when you were young, eager and patient you actually sat there and took it for hours and hours, and grew to become the awesome Megaman player you are today. So you know that it's a great game and it really "reflects the player's skill directly/vividly."

For the game; it is on par with any other Wii U game's graphics, the PS2 comparison is laughable, there's a few mostly harmless hopeless hickups though.

The controls might be bad but the player didn't even bother so difficult to tell, and the fps issue we'll see if it really affects gameplay, the story won't because I care only about the gameplay tbh.



Ichi commented on Nintendo Cancels Camp Miiverse in Honour of Sa...:


Yes, Nintendo cancelled Camp Miiverse just to ruin the fun for kids.

Of course you are more than welcome to start your own Camp Miiverse type thing, but that requires a little bit more of you than sitting on your behind being really insensitive to the people who feel a loss this week.

Yes, Nintendo deliberately want Mario's anniversary to overshadow 9/11.

Who knows? Maybe you really feel Nintendo is being insensitive about 9/11, in the way literally every other company operating in the US are, and you have absolutely the right to feel that way, but these two events are completely seperate.

But I'll bet you, when the stars align and we'll see the release window falling on the date of July 11th in the future, it will be business as usual for Nintendo, thereby destroying your whole argument.

Because don't kid yourself, this is about the immidiate loss of a beloved man, and you not dealing with it affecting your life in the smallest way possible, Camp Miiverse.



Ichi commented on Gunpei Yokoi Discusses The Struggle To Make Th...:

Graphics matter only to the extent that it needs to represents something, be it real or even abstract. People had just as fun with an Atari as people do today with Xbox, thinking these older games entirely unplayable is faulty thinking.

You don't need good graphics or bad to compete or to play. If you need to be entertained on the other hand, you need a fixed difficulty setting that is pleasant for you, there is no real challenging yourself, there is no real lingering.

So we get down to what a game really is, people say games are taking the place of movies, I say it's the opposite. I'm not saying a game can't be entertaining, competetive and playful, but I am talking about expectations.

Because there is no room for trying and failing in society, because if you fail you'll owe us for this and for next time.



Ichi commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:


The dictating is the worst imo, I don't mind the swearing and such, but there are other ways to play a game than what just one person says. If you can't stand bad team mates, you should get out of the control tower onto the battlefield and meet your own expectations.

Anyways, I would much rather have the option of switching weapons during a game, of course at the cost of a life.



Ichi commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:

If Nintendo is so stupid, if Splatoon is so stupid, why are you not playing CoD on your Xboxes?

Imo, there are faults to Splatoon other than lacking something, but I still play it and it's really really fun and addictive.



Ichi commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

Companies are forcing these strict sometimes ridiculous EULA because of piracy, and people are pirating software in fear of losing the software itself.

You might say it's about freedom/control, but why is it about that? IP is abstract, no side is noble, it's a presumption.



Ichi commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

@Ralek85 I hope you did not misunderstand me about my comments about the annoying features regarding vc, i.e. russian kids, it was just general chatter and not an argument against vc itself. Sometimes it's funny, when it's not I'll of course just mute it.

I understand you feel different about vc, and maybe we prefer playing different games, or playing in different ways, etc. I love to play skirmish, and the only teambased multiplayer FPS I'm used to is TF2 & CS (a very long time ago, didn't like vc then either, but loved to LAN with my friends)

Maybe vc is used more effectively in other games like COD i.e., but from my personal experience with TF2, when I'm having the most fun is when there is as you say, a "tactile understanding" going on. You would be amazed how effective it is, how naturally it becomes and how people catch up.

Though, it may just be TF2, that has a very dedicated community of fans that have been playing for years so it becomes natural for them? But Splatoon reminds me of TF2 in some respects.

In any case, I wasn't going for a whole discussion on vc, and I understand that people are disappointed, but I'm very excited about the game and can't wait for it to come out! I hope you try the game at friends, or whenever you have the possibility, maybe you'll like it nonetheless and we'll see eachother on the battlefield



Ichi commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:


Well, obviously it changes how people play.

This might not seem like much to you, maybe it's nothing to you, but there's a number of scenarios in which each "problem" ruins gameplay in different ways, and the fun for me. Not hard to imagine...

Good communication vs. bad, some communication vs. none, players depending on orders, players depending on team-mates to follow orders, etc.

I've played TF2 for years, and am quite familiar with voice chat, in good ways and bad. I prefer no voice chat, and while I can turn voice chat off, it still affect how people play.

I feel much more satisfied when there is a somewhat mutual understanding in tactics, intuitive adapting tactics, no voice chat except the superficial "come on, guys", "push" etc., and after the match when someone says "wow, guys, that was awesome!" i.e.

Otherwise, you have the 12 y.o. russian boy who listens to techno for five hours which is entertaining maybe for one hour, people complaining how COD is much better because they don't do any good on TF2, and of course the person thinking he's the boss because he does a little better than average blaming other teammates for his own fails.

Of course, you also have the matches when there is really good communication and tactical planning, when all the others have one to bed or what's happening, but then either you win because the other team is not communicating at all(OP, no fun), or it's all repetition and chores in a stalemate, no anything goes, anything can happen, room using different tactics or skirmish etc.

I love it when there's little to bad communication (without the spamming).



Ichi commented on Akihiro Hino on Why Fantasy Life 2 is Not Comi...:

It's a really nice game in many respects and I really love it, but the next I'll be buying has to develop in some other way away from the original, at least some time has to pass for me to really miss the game.

I don't, and probably won't for a year or two. I miss a game that I love as much, but I do not miss a tired copy of this game...

It makes perfect sense to bring it to mobile devices, since it will hit an audience that won't be exhausted with a very similar game they loved that they played not so long ago, while testing some ideas and developing the game further.

I'm not saying there are few adults playing 3DS, but I'm saying there are many adults who don't, who play bad generic Farm Life RPG Sim games, who will probably love this.

I'm more concerned with Level 5's direction in general, Yokai this, Inazuma that, etc... What I love about their games is the diversity & orginality. To me they're like the Ghibli of games, and I don't want Spirited Away 3 i.e. Not really a second even... But I understand they want to make money, expand and capitalize on their success, I just hope they don't get blinded by it.

One of my favourite L5 games is Attack of the Friday Monsters! I hope they will make a game like that again.



Ichi commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

@Ralek85 Voice chat optional or not affects gameplay, some people like it, others don't. So don't make it out that optional voice chat is an absolute positive, because it's certainly not. It's just as obscene in the same respect to deny this fact.



Ichi commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

@MasterBlaster I don't mind any swearing, but I do mind people spamming the chat...

But my reason for wanting no voice chat at all, you already answered yourself:
"If your team has some people communicating and they other team has none, you have a major advantage and will likely win."

Like I said in games like this, I like to play intuitive, and that makes it very unfair if one team is successfully communicating, while the other is not. I don't like to win that way, and I don't like to lose that way, easy as that.

And Nintendo is hardly responsible for the (heavily censored ) porn in Japan...



Ichi commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

@MasterBlaster You don't see any reason for not including voice chat, and see no possibility for anybody to have fun? Yeah, that's not near sighted at all...

Of course they could have made it optional, but I still don't think it's fair. I think it's much more fun to play intuitive in games like this, I understand not everybody feels the same, but I don't call them near sighted just because of that.



Ichi commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

@jasonbrr I would like to talk to my friends while playing, if the option is between free for all voice chat or no chat at all, I would personally choose no chat at all. That's a difference of subjective preference, not something that's objectively essential or anything. I think no voice chat is more fair in general despite the fact that I would like to talk to my friends. There's plenty of reasons for having no voice chat. But who knows about the real reason it wasn't included, you could be absolutely right. But that's just speculation...



Ichi commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

I'm really excited for it!

No voice chat is definitely good, stopped playing tf2 because of all the crazy people in the chat...

It would be nice to have a friend chat, because it's always nice to talk to friends while playing. But I think it might do better without.

If you want to be good at multiplayers in general, you have to learn not depend fully on team mates, while having some faith. That's how I like to play anyways, and that's how you grow instead of blaming and complaining about others. It makes games more fun, more creative and interesting.

With voice chat you always have the ones not interested in co-op anyways, this way the good players do good in any case, and there is no tactical bullying except for players adapting naturally to the game.

I think it will do well on the install base, and maybe open eyes some more for non-owners, but I think SSB and MK are more the games that sell the system.



Ichi commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I hope we get some really good news real soon, because I had a feeling people were warming up to the Wii U because of Zelda. Now, if it's delayed, I think people will keep ignoring it, and then wait for the next console. Such a shame, the Wii U was on a roll with a number of great titles. But a late game is much better than a bad game...



Ichi commented on 3DS Browser Exploit Hackers Bypass Pokémon S...:

@sillygostly The idea of shareware is still alive, but it's alot different now😋 With paypal, etc. it's easier to support freeware, also with Kickstarter, Steam & Humble, you (or at least feel like you) get a bit closer to the developers. Some of my favorite PC games and programs are shareware or freeware!

I get what you're saying about microtransactions though, personally I don't like the idea of microtransactions in general. But I think it's not so bad in this game, maybe it's just because I don't get hooked on these games and play them for a short time only if I plat them at all?

Microtransactions in a "real" pokemon game would certainly be blasphemy 😱



Ichi commented on 3DS Browser Exploit Hackers Bypass Pokémon S...:

I don't understand the criticism against the microtransactions in this game, I'm around stage 100 and I've paid for six gems once only to pay for the entertainment. I might do it once again if I continue playing, but frankly those five, ten minutes I use on five lives is more than enough for hours. It's fun, but really there are much better games for similar entertainment purposes.



Ichi commented on Nintendo YouTube Creators Program Update Clari...:

I think some of them are putting a decent amount of work into making these videos, maybe not Pewdiepie, I certainly don't think so, but I think Gametheory is very creative. And I do think those who are they should be recoginzed for it.

However, even if it is not proven legal or illegal in any court, I am surprised that anyone can think it's justified morally making money off it without sharing some of cake.

And some other arguments further complicates the moral issue, it's a shame that this is being ignored.

It's not like they graduated Youtube-school.

It began as a hobby, they got creative to keep and gather followers, if they make any money that way good for them, but it's not their work.

If they got real creative and made the content look different from a different perspective, I would personally respect that as their own work, but even so they are free to choose their content, and considering it's hard to make that distinguishment I see no problem taxing them as well.



Ichi commented on Dead Or Alive Producer Feels That A Cultural D...:


I haven't heard about "White Feminism", but that's a really good description of it!

Especially here in Norway, as I can't speak for any other country, but we have a long tradition of upper-middle class to upper class women in positions of influence.

I have to admit that many things they have done for the system and the people is really great, such as equality at school and workplace. But today they often use the same old arguments, arguments for problems that "common" people really relate to, only to empower themselves and their circles.

Not only do they use it only for their own good, they disregard the real problem, and they trash a good cause making the people disregard the real problems as well!



Ichi commented on Dead Or Alive Producer Feels That A Cultural D...:

@World Yes, I think that's what most people mean.

However I know personally of a couple of ugly cases where men shun "strong" women and exploit the "weak", and genuinely believe it is the women's fault. I'm pretty sure this goes hand in hand with childhood trauma, it's at best delusional.

Not that it justifies it, but I think the regular misogyny is just regular people feeling insecure and threatened, which ironically is a "feminine" trait.

As for DoA, I played some many years ago on PS but fighting games in general is not my thing. I've tried a couple of "oversexualized" games, but the gameplay... Let's just say I won't ever buy a game like that again.

Even after playing hundreds of games, I can think of only one character I feel attracted to visually and such, and that's Liara from Mass Effect, but that's rooted in an emotional complex, I don't have a thing for blue androgyn aliens

I can definitely see the challenges of being a female "gamer" even in general. But I think and hope it's able and about to turn, I see big difference now from when I grew up. But then again, much of it is like this: "a hot chick" playing games, "awesome!" or: a "weird, anti-social" girl playing games...

But anyways, you shouldn't give up on what you love just because of that, be yourself and make people listen when you need to be heard and ignore them if they won't. You have as much right to play games and be on forums as anyone else.. Well, I know personally that's easy to say, not to do, but I think that's right!



Ichi commented on Dead Or Alive Producer Feels That A Cultural D...:


Many feminists use "equality" as an argument for their aganda, and that is per definition a political ideology.

What is "equality" anyways, is it to be recognized as a person by your values and actions alone, or to be a designated number?

Of course one has to consider the possibilites for a person to cultivate and practice thier values and actions, and I think this should be equal regardless, but the inequality here in western society, is enforced by social norms almost alone, by men and women together, against members of both sex.

Do you think a man is allowed socially to cultivate his feminine aspect, without having to become a homosexual clown and asserting himself within the same social group that made him a clown, as the "homosexual", only to force the same humiliation to others?

Sure, it may be better here, but even in Norway where the possibilities is effectivly equalified at the very bottom up, you have to go through hell if you stand out from the group in any way. Between being a clown or repressing your qualities? I think I would actually prefer repression, and that's much easier in dogmatic countries.

The point I'm trying to make is that the victims of inequality here in western society are not the strong women, it's the women and men who are not as strong to stand up against the others for being who they really are to develop as a person. For them, this discussion of numbers is meaningless.

Strong women have no problem in making their way, so what about the rest? Why is it everytime we hear talk about equality, it comes from strong women? (Rethorical)



Ichi commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

@Williaint Haha, Reggie webisodes is a really great idea!

Why not merge the two? Have Reggie be the episode introducer or protagonist in a Nintendo Land/Universe with all the different characters, teaming up, crossover, etc. Each episode would have a different director and animation style i.e. clay.

I love it when different artists pay homage in their own style to the same inspiration... Just finished a "Japan" manga book from Japanese and French mangaka, and it's amazing to see the differences, not only in style but what Japan means to them. I would love to see something like that done to Nintendo!