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Fri 25th Jan 2008

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ICEknight commented on Review: Pokémon Picross (3DS eShop):

First time I played it, I wondered how could the stylus be so poorly calibrated for this game, specifically. Then I saw that even correct "hits" make you lose energy, which costs money (or insane waiting times).

So... rigged controls = more money! Well played!



ICEknight commented on Review: Yoshi Touch & Go (Wii U eShop / DS):

@Bass_X0 DS games are possible, natively even.

GBA games can also be done natively but just won't allow a VC menu on regular 3DSs, but this may be possible to do on NEW3DSs with the extra RAM.

They just won't bother right now for reasons we'll never know for sure.



ICEknight commented on Review: Mega Man & Bass (Wii U eShop / Game Bo...:

The review should compare it to the original SFC version. The GBA version having good graphics is only because of that, not because they put any care into this (average) port, and the music is just terrible compared to it.

This is a gimped version of an otherwise ok Megaman game.



ICEknight commented on Bloo Kid 2:

I love good pixel art, but these have to be the worse graphics I've seen in a while. There's some blatant plagiarism in there, even.

And judging from what I've seen, the 3D is terribly applied.



ICEknight commented on Review: Kuru Kuru Kururin (Wii U eShop / Game ...:

Having played it since the old days, I can say that this is a neat little portable game for occasional pick up and play... oh wait, this is for the Wii U. =|

I hope the New 3DS finally allows for VC GBA games. And cross buy (hahaha yeah...).



ICEknight commented on Preview: Going Retro On The Go With Ultimate N...:

I'm usually all for NES stuff, but this sounds like a really gimped port of an already kind of disappointing selection of minigames/tasks/jobs.

A 3DS game card could hold hundreds of NES games with many challenges each, if they wanted, so there's no real excuse for the exclusions.

Sorry Indies Zero, but no.



ICEknight commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

The easier to get a game into this market, the more fair said market will be in my eyes.

Just don't buy any games without having enough information on them, and point your finger at those who buy bad games so they'll document themselves better next time.



ICEknight commented on Review: Adventure Island II (3DS eShop / NES):

"as a result of developer Escape licensing the property (minus SEGA's character designs) to Hudson Soft for an NES port"

Westone and SEGA did license the whole thing, it was Hudson who decided to change the characters around in most of their Wonder Boy conversions, according to the series' creator.



ICEknight commented on Yoshi's New Island:

Tezuka is a producer here, not the director, designer or anything of the like.
And he was senior producer in Yoshi's Island 2/DS, please stop giving false information.



ICEknight commented on Yoshi's New Island:

@Goginho, no.

It's being made by Arzest Corporation, a company that was built by former members of Artoon (makers of Yoshi's Island 2/DS).

Not holding high hopes for this one, since the DS sequel felt like an inferior hack of the original...

"How can anyone not be excited for this? Oh wait, I forgot. People are spoiled and never satisfied and also tend to oversee quality, because they can't recognize what's good -what's art"
Or perhaps they can and this isn't.

Seriously, the original looks way better, and that was made in the 90s. By now, in-game Yoshi should look like he does in the cover, not like a filtered 3D model (and with clown feet, for some reason).



ICEknight commented on Interview: WayForward on Shantae's Past, Prese...:

"Collectors should still hang onto their physical copies however, since there was a bonus item that only appeared when the Game Pak was inserted into a Game Boy Advance."

Damn, they could remove the Capcom logo but couldn't activate the RAM address that told the game it was being played on a GBA? This really sucks.



ICEknight commented on New River City Ransom Sequel Confirmed:

So they're working on it, but will be working closely with Million. This makes me wonder if they've even contacted Million to get the license for this yet. This just sounds a bit fishy.

In any case, the game hasn't even been funded, so I wouldn't say anything has been confirmed yet...



ICEknight commented on Wii U Virtual Console Will Arrive Shortly Afte...:

I've just read this informative tidbit:
Since the Wii U always outputs at 60hz, they introduce extra stuttering in all 50Hz games by repeating every 5th frame, which also explains a vague lack of responsiveness since the repeated frame doesn't check for button input.

Translated into plain English, this European version of Kirby's Adventure:
-Has slighty choppier scrolling and animations than the 60Hz version
-Has a vague lack of responsiveness not present in the 60Hz version (one chance out of 6 that tapping a button for one frame won't do a thing)
-Has slower enemies than the 60Hz version

The third point will vary from game to game, depending on the original optimizations and oversights (most games only had its music optimized).
The first two points happen due to the way the Wii U handles the 50Hz mode wether it's "optimized" or not, which is actually a step behind from the old Wii VC!



ICEknight commented on Wii U Virtual Console Will Arrive Shortly Afte...:

Hey, let's complain about people who complain, surely that must be better!

Seriously, fixing a problem as "little" as it might seem to you would be a good thing for some people who care and a bad thing to none. Why would anybody be against such a thing?

Getting 17% slower/choppier games is never a good thing, even if some people can't tell the difference.



ICEknight commented on Wii U Virtual Console Will Arrive Shortly Afte...:

So Kirby's Adventure is once more running at 50Hz for PAL users! I thought Nintendo had taken some hints, by now.

At least people with a 3DS can stick to the 3D Classics version, which runs at 60Hz, but this is still pretty bad news.

In any case, before Nintendo manages to spread their "but it's optimized 50Hz!" bullpoopy:

What Nintendo now calls "optimized 50HZ" means a game running at 50Hz that had its music (and occasionally some elements) sped up to make them as fast as the 60Hz version.

This is not effectively the same as 60Hz, as having a similar speed with 10Hz less always means a choppier scrolling than 60Hz (sometimes also less smooth than "normal" 50Hz versions!).

In the specific case of Kirby's Adventure, the music plays at the same speed and Kirby was made faster. Only Kirby, though, so now the rest of the characters seem slower than him! For the record, the same thing was done with Ryu Hayabusa in the original PAL release of Ninja Gaiden, but at least they had the brains to release the original NTSC version worldwide, in the old Wii VC.

tl;dr: This is exactly the same that has been done in the old Wii Virtual Console, Nintendo has learnt nothing.



ICEknight commented on Review: Metal Slug 4 (Wii Virtual Console / Ne...:

This is possibly the worst Metal Slug ever. It's not so much that the Metal Slug series hasn't evolved a bit, it's that this specific title is just a copy-paste job from previous entries.

I cannot understand the favorable review, unless the reviewer hasn't finished the previous games in the series.



ICEknight commented on The European Version Of F-Zero On Wii U Virtua...:

Dude, the article said the PAL standard looked better, because it has a higher vertical resolution.

Since these games didn't change their resolution to fit the PAL standards, this resulted in them looking squished and with black borders on top and bottom.

This, along with a slower speed than they were supposed to run at, makes the VC releases a poor representation of what the original game designers had in mind.

The ideal thing would be to let the user choose between 50Hz and 60Hz, though (like already happens with TurboGrafx games), but having to choose between 50 and 60Hz, the superior version in these cases is, factually, the 60Hz one.



ICEknight commented on The European Version Of F-Zero On Wii U Virtua...:

@Chunky_Droid "If zip is right, then that might be why Balloon Fight isn't 60hz, it could be more complicated than changing one value."
In the case of Balloon Fight, not even "one value" would need to be changed. Since the European version wasn't optimized to begin with, it will run properly at 60Hz.
So let's start asking Nintendo to release a patch, before they release more NES games running at 50Hz and they can say "it's too late to patch all the games now".

@Gavin_Rozee "Having the option to choose would probably significantly delay VC games in Europe"
Nope. Just slap two ROMs when needed and choose one or the other depending on the TV settings, simple as that.

@GiftedGimp "In fact back in the day Some US players used to import Pal Systems as they prefered the Higher resolution of 50hz pal games over the Faster Screen refresh."
Highly doubtful, first time somebody says this on the internet.

@GiftedGimp "Even with the border it was generally excepted because of the slower refresh game looked sharper. (Arguably)"
Now this just makes no sense, really.

@GiftedGimp "However Shemnue was often played in 50hz to take advatage of the sharper image."
No. Dude. Shenmue 1 and 2 supported PAL 60, which has both the best resolution and 60Hz refresh rate.



ICEknight commented on Review: Maru's Mission (Game Boy):

This game was actually pretty good for its time, and it's still a fun little portable gem. Needless to say, I've never gotten any of the mentioned glitches in this article. What emulator were you using?

It has some nice tunes, decent graphics (there's some neat screen effects gong on in the very first boss battle against Eyeclop) and a bit of a challenge, even.

The only odd thing about the controls is that releasing the jump button makes your character fall immediately, just like in Tiny Toon Adventures for the Mega Drive/Genesis, but it's not something hard to get used to.

I didn't know reviews nowadays made fun of the games' actual features... He can hit a tree stump for energy? Well, Mario hits "?" blocks for coins, perhaps that makes more sense.

In any case, I see this review was more about making fun of this game than anything else (how can a game with such a terrible cover be any good, right?) so, in this case, I've found the review worse than the game, sorry...



ICEknight commented on Review: Flipper 2: Flush the Goldfish (DSiWare):

The graphics and animations look really sloppy, even for Game Boy Color standards... I can't imagine why anyone would praise this terrible sprite work in a review.

And yes, the similarities between the main character and Earthworm Jim are quite obvious; the game's creator already admitted they took inspiration from the EWJ series.