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Wed 23rd Jan 2013

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IceManPJN commented on Review: NASCAR Unleashed (3DS):

I found a couple gripes with this review. The problem isn't with the review of the game itself, but with the lack of understanding of the subject matter here. Namely, the author of this review knows nothing of motorsports.

1) "NASCAR, has fuelled the hearts of racing enthusiasts around the world." This is basically wrong in two ways. First, NASCAR doesn't appeal much to racing enthusiasts, but rather to NASCAR enthusiasts, which aren't the same. 97% of NASCAR fans aren't interested in the whole driving/racing portion of NASCAR, but in watching a bunch of cars going fast and wrecking, which isn't the same as enjoying racing. Few racing enthusiasts care much for NASCAR. Secondly, it isn't really a matter of "around the world". Yes, it technically airs in over a hundred countries and has viewers in those countries, but they're basically token viewers. NASCAR is essentially still just a North American thing, and mainly just a US thing.

2) "With young drivers like Kyle Busch and Joey Logano tearing up the tracks and ushering in a new generation of fans who've grown up in the gaming era..." Clearly the author is disconnected from racing gamers and real-world motorsports. NASCAR's fan base remains primarily in older audiences and while the average age of gamers is in the upper thirties, when last I saw, older NASCAR fans don't seem to account for very many of these older gamers. Younger generations, which grew up with video games, aren't adopting their parents' or grandparents' interests in NASCAR. NASCAR themselves have addressed this issue openly. NASCAR games sell relatively poorly, with non-NASCAR, non-oval racing titles being by far the strong-selling racing games. Racing gamers want road/street racing, not ovals. Yes, this particular game addresses this fact by leaving NASCAR's ovals, but that doesn't change the fact that NASCAR is an oval sport and that racing gamers generally don't care for ovals. So, Cup drivers aren't ushering in anything with younger gamers.