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Fri 5th Jul 2013

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Iasonas93 commented on Pachter: Nintendo Has Lost Its "Mojo":

>Backwards compatible
>ALL the wii accessories such as wii remote , pro controller and even the loving balance board are compatible
>FREE online (miiverse is a bigger inovation than the gamepad itself imo)
>off-tv gaming
>which is basically a wii portable , which means that you can play any nintendo game ever made from the comfiness of your bed/toilet. And dont tell me you never wanted to play gamecube games on a portable system
>Objectively the best first party games/exclusives
>bayo 2
>pikman 3
>shin megaten x waifu emblem
>smash 4
>windu wayka remake
>mario kart 8
>X monolith soft
>inevitable metroid game (the possibilities are beyond human imagination with the gamepad , Game of the gen already confirmed)
>zelda U
>sonic lost world
>yarn yoshi
Nintendo :
>desperately tryng to save bayonetta , sonic and megaman
>not the savior of gaming

Having a decent gaming pc, is there ANY point at ALL to get a multi-plat4 and or an xbone?
ANY reason?
Oh yeah , there are those AWESOME sony and microsoft exclusives such as god of war! and Gears of war! Come on now