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Re: Review: James Bond: 007 Legends (Wii U)


The removal of "wiimote & nunchuk" controls killed any chance that I'd buy this bland Bond game. GoldenEye Wii was a lot of fun. (I even liked the Conduit series, although not nearly as much.) Seeing as this was made by the same people that did GoldenEye Wii, removal of the "wiimote & nunchuk" controls makes zero sense.

Re: Review: Metal Slug 7 (DS)


"...– it’s the first of the numbered titles that hasn’t made its debut in the arcade (not including the spin-offs such as Metal Slug Advance on the GBA..."

What exactly is the numerical equivalent of 'Advance'?

Re: LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Coming to Wii, 3DS and DS


@6 RedLink: "in tow"'s a phrase in the English language.

a. in the state of being towed.
b. under one's guidance; in one's charge.
c. as a follower, admirer, or companion: 'a professor who always had a graduate student in tow'.

In this case, SUPERMAN is "in tow". That's what they meant.

Re: Capcom Spills Super Street Fighter IV StreetPass Beans


There's one 3DS peripheral that I haven't seen yet. It's the little dog/cat vest that allows you to put attach your 3DS "pedometer" to your pet. The little vest would also protect the 3DS from being damaged while giving its owner TONS of "game coins" or in-game rewards.