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Sat 31st Dec 2011

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ILuvMusic14 commented on Review: Michael Jackson: The Experience (Wii):

I got this game for dsi, DONT get the DS, DSi, or 3DS version for ANY dance game trust me you WILL be bored for very quick,to me i think all those dance are ment for the kinect. I'am planing on buying this game because well I love Mj :]. with L.O.V.E(this is it refrence) i give this game 9/10... oh yeah and stop hatin



ILuvMusic14 commented on Review: Just Dance 3 (Wii):

It was an okay game.There werent alot of artist that i knew, But i think this game is better on the kinect because holding the remote (Wii) for a long time while playing the game can get annoying plus if you dont move the remote the way the dancer is moving you loose points. :/ i give the game 6 out 10



ILuvMusic14 commented on Review: Go Vacation (Wii):

This game is not all bad. Its very realxing and fun, if bandi were to make a Go Vacation 2 i would recomend they put more resorts then 4 because it can get a little boring. Other then that i give this game a 8/10