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Sat 2nd Aug 2008

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iLikeGamesEspecWhenH commented on Braid Is Too Big For WiiWare:

Braid, what a big game.... what a biiiiiig biiiiig game.... you know what needs more storage space for these types of games? WIIWARE! I'M A WIBBLYWOBBLYWEARWOLF CHECK THE 'TAR.



iLikeGamesEspecWhenH commented on Publishers Remain Tight-Lipped On Black Monday...:

To even be so disappointed that you refer to this day as "Black Monday" is laughable, and well... just flat out 100% authentic patheticness. Obviously what happened here is no more or less than an accident of sorts, do you think Nintendo is purposely toying with us? Anybody that's sad about this needs to consider a secondary hobby, there are more things you can do besides sitting there waiting for Monday so you can see what 20 year old games came out and then being upset and whining when it isn't what you wanted. If you get a secondary hobby I think it'll dramatically soften the blow of bad VC Mondays.



iLikeGamesEspecWhenH commented on Mega Man 9 - Flicker Included!:

I was gonna say that this is lame 'n gay, until I read that you have the option to turn it off. But it raises the question, who in their right mind would want the flicker? Some memories are better left in the past.



iLikeGamesEspecWhenH commented on The Mascott speaks about the Virtual Console!:

Guys if you think Game Boy games are coming to Wii's VC, I wouldn't hold your breath. If anything, they'd release them on a DS VC or something of the like, or remake them for WiiWare (hey wait those sound like pipe dreams too).

So yeah, go buy an old Game Boy or lay your dreams to ever playing its games again to rest.