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Thu 4th June, 2009

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Hyperstar96 commented on Gallery: Meta Knight Slices and Dices in His O...:

@Nimious Once again, you don't get the point I'm making. If you hate Meta Knight so much, then don't play as Meta Knight. One single bad character doesn't ruin an entire game, no matter how much you want to think it does. Did Oddjob ruin Goldeneye for everyone? No; it's still considered one of the best multiplayer games on the N64, if not the best. One big reason Brawl doesn't have as much of a competitive scene now is because Meta Knight wasn't banned as soon as people realized he was broken. We all get that the floaty physics are responsible for Brawl not being as popular as Melee in the competitive scene, but don't try to place all - or even half - of the blame on one character.

Likewise, a character being good in one game doesn't automatically mean they're going to be good in the next. Again, look at Kirby. He was #2 on the tier lists in 64, and where was he in Melee? At the very bottom. Even Pichu beat him, and Pichu was supposed to be a joke character. Just trust that Sakurai and his team know what they're doing and maybe you won't feel so bitter. If Meta Knight is still broken when Smash 4 cones out, then you feel free to complain about it all you want. But until then, remember that you haven't actually played the game and have no right to make any objective comments about it other than what Sakurai has said.



Hyperstar96 commented on Gallery: Meta Knight Slices and Dices in His O...:

@Nimious Did you also whine about Pikachu and Kirby being in SSB64? Or Fox and Falco in Melee? Because those four were broken and you don't seem to be complaining about them. And if you don't like Meta Knight, then just don't play as/against Meta Knight; it doesn't ruin the entire game like you claim it does.

Also, make sure you actually READ the Miiverse post before discussing it; Sakurai said his new Up+B has no glide and is more tactical (meaning it requires more skill to properly use). It's definitely nerfed.

Melee fanboys...



Hyperstar96 commented on Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3D...:

@DarkKirby In other words, you're saying:

"Too many unmemorable characters. I'd rather have the one with the totally memorable and not at all generic kawaii desu anime girl."

Anyway, if I didn't already have my Zelda 3DS XL (which seems to be one of the more valuable XLs from what I've seen), I'd definitely get this.



Hyperstar96 commented on UK Government Effectively Decriminalises Downl...:

"there are attempts — so far unsuccessful — to release a mainstream product to allow people to play 3DS game ROMS off an SD card"

3DS piracy has been possible for a while now, albeit not on current firmware. Gateway 3DS supports every 3DS ROM to date, and it's been around since August 2013.



Hyperstar96 commented on Flappy Bird is Now Playable on the DSi and 3DS...:

@NavySpheal I agree completely. The guy who made Flappy Bird is just that: a simple, humble iOS game developer who didn't like the (negative) attention he was getting from something that got much bigger than it should have. The game itself isn't bad, but it should only be seen for what it is. If people think it's one of the best things gaming has to offer, then that speaks volumes about what mobile has been conditioning (for lack of a better word) people to like.



Hyperstar96 commented on Flappy Bird is Now Playable on the DSi and 3DS...:

@NavySpheal There's a difference between liking a simple game and calling it "revolutionary". People talk about it as though it's the pinnacle of gaming, like it's something absolutely extraordinary. Its popularity is harmful to gaming itself. The creator did a good job of removing it before things got much further out of hand.



Hyperstar96 commented on Nintendo Share Price Drops In Reaction to Inve...:

For years, analysts beg Nintendo to do something with smart devices, and the stock price goes down as a result of Nintendo refusing to do so.
Iwata announces major future connections with smart devices.
Analysts don't like the connection and share prices go down even more.

... Well, I'm done trying to make sense of humanity. I give up. People are too stupid for their own good.



Hyperstar96 commented on Sakurai Reiterates That There'll Be No Subspac...:

They just shouldn't make a game at all since you can only wow a player the first time they play it.
The movie industry shouldn't exist since you can only wow a viewer the first time they see a movie.
Books shouldn't exist since you can only wow a reader the first time they read them.

etc. etc. etc.



Hyperstar96 commented on No Game Content "Hostile to China" Will Make I...:

@StarDust This is different. Piracy on Wii and DS (and PSP to a lesser extent) was ridiculously easy and required little effort with few to no limitations (i.e. firmware). 3DS piracy is possible, but inconvenient and requires very outdated firmware, omitting features both online and offline. Wii U piracy hasn't been done yet at all outside of a few hackers who refuse to release their work, and even then it's only for a few games and requires outdated firmware.

Even if knowledge of piracy on 3DS and Wii U were to become widespread, they would still require outdated firmwares. Even if these outdated firmwares were easy to require, these new systems offer actual reasons to keep the latest firmware and still be able to use online functionality. DS didn't have firmware (and the newest DSi firmware doesn't restrict anything), and all Wii hacks are possible with the latest firmware (and even when they weren't, there were easy workarounds).

The point I'm trying to make is that piracy won't be nearly as bad this generation as it was in the Wii/DS era. We have nothing to worry about.



Hyperstar96 commented on 3DS Hack Removes Region Locking For Retail Car...:

@russellohh Flashcarts aren't sold at retail stores since they can be used for piracy, but they themselves are completely legal, and there are people that use them strictly for legal purposes. And "illegal" and "warranty-voiding" are far from the same thing.

Furthermore, this article is about playing region-free games. Why are you whining about something completely irrelevant?



Hyperstar96 commented on 3DS Hack Removes Region Locking For Retail Car...:

@JaxonH I meant you don't understand the purpose of this. Sure, there's an easier way to do it, but it's so much more satisfying to take control of the technology that you own and work on a project that gives you some sort of mental and material benefit. These are the sorts of modifications you do because you can, and because they're fun and interesting. If you want to take the easy (albeit expensive and lazy) way out, go right ahead, but don't look at a project like this and say "or you could just buy something else that does the same thing," because it only proves that you don't understand the significance.



Hyperstar96 commented on Microsoft's Phil Spencer Can't Say Enough Nice...:

Remember the good old days when video game firms used to say all kinds of nasty things about their rivals to get the upper hand?

You mean like the present? When Sony shamelessly insults Nintendo and their fans on a weekly basis, and people praise them for it?

It's good to see that someone besides Nintendo is trying to be nice.



Hyperstar96 commented on Video: This Dr. Luigi Trailer May Be The Perfe...:

@JaxonH I'm not saying it detracts from the fun of the game; Dr. Luigi is great, but my complaint is that it's more of the same. Like I said, it's a great buy if you haven't played Dr. Mario before, but chances are you've already experienced everything this new installment has to offer (aside from the L mode). But again, if - if - all this is new to you, by all means buy it!

Btw if you don't want to buy a retail DS game, Virus Buster is also in the DSiWare "Brain Age Express: Math".