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Wed 7th May 2008

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Hyper-Shan commented on Review: Sonic 3D Blast (MD):

Even though it is slower than the previous games, it still really has it's fun points in my opinion!:

  • The controls were decent
  • Despite the graphics being more 2.5D rather than 3D, the graphics is amazing
  • Boss battles were creative
  • & probably my favorite, the Soundtrack; like Sonic 3 & Knuckles music, it's legendary! =D

I never had the game but I borrowed this off a friend around 10 years ago... & I absolutely loved it!

I know that many people critisize this game a lot (like Sonic Spinball) & they would probably critisize me, but sometimes people try to expect more on the SPEED of the Sonic games too much that if everything in a new game is alright apart from that specific feature, then people would imediatly would think it sucks!
It does my head in sometime when some people think that way! >=( There IS speed in the game, not exactly like the 2D version but it is there; some people forget about the spindash speed! >_>

Overall, I would give this game an 8/10, not just for nostalgic reasons but for just about having fun! I accepted what was there, I actually enjoyed it despite it not being properly 3D!

If you have spare points & wanna try something a little different from the usual Sonic games, I would recomend you could give this a shot! =)



Hyper-Shan commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

@ Cally:
I actually think the larger level design was a great idea!

I see what your coming at the massive explorations & the secrets, but they can be just optional. Although the secrets can be also used as hide-outs for the special zone rings & collecting the emeralds (again, adding depth to the game), so once you you get all 7 (14 in S3&K) emeralds, you can just blast away through the massive levels - & this is exactly the reason why I think that Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the complete version, is far better than Sonic 1, 2 & CD (Just an apinion, please don't flame me)!

If the level design was simple as Sonic 1 or 2, the game would feel really short & slightly repetative. Playing as Tails or Knuckles would be too simular as Sonic, seeing as there isn't much special routes to take for each character if the level designs were like Sonic or 2.

& yeah, your right on how enjoyable the stage designs can get, & I respect your opinions!
Plus, larger levels mean blazing throughout the levels in almost every direction! Now that's what I would call an awesome Sonic game! =D



Hyper-Shan commented on Sonic & Knuckles:

Come on Nintendo, U know u guys have 2 include the lock-on feature somehow.
(please, 4 the sake of ALL Sonic fans!)



Hyper-Shan commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

Btw, Adamant.... What do you mean "this is an old game. it has no story"?!? Like what Endaso said, this obviously does have a storyline! It picks up where Sonic 2 dropped off...

After the Death Egg crashed on Angel Island, Dr Robotnick met Knuckles & convinsed him that Sonic & Tails were his real enemies & that there after his set of Chaos Emeralds. Just when Super Sonic reached Angel Island, Knuckles sabotaged his aproach & took his emeralds.
Near the end of the event of Sonic 3, the Dr re-launched the D.E. again, but got pawned once again by Sonic, causing the D.E. 2 fall & land just above the Hidden Palace Zone crater (S&K). At that point, Robotnick discovered the Master Emerald & it's unlimited power & decided 2 used it 2 re-power the D.E. As Sonic & Tails progress, they learn the power of the Super Emerald & later they unlock their potential by transforming into Hyper Sonic & Super Tails (If playing as Knux, he does the same). S&T confront Knux & beat him - Kuckles then realises Robotnicks true plan. The Dr steals M. Emerald, attacks Knux, relanches D.E. again & Knuckles then helps S&T.
S&T reaches the D.E. & pawns the Dr, but he escapes with the M. Emerald in space - Hyper Sonic is awakened & goes in epic chase 2 annaylate Robotnick & return the Emerald. Angel Island gotten restored & returbed 2 the sky & S&T flew back home 2 South Island on the Tornado(plane) - Kuckles watched them go in the distance.

& it's not over yet (OMG)! Knuckles story kicks in - cause in angel island zone as u see in the backround, u can see the clouds & sky, no sea! This time his enemy in this is Egg Robo & Mecha Sonic.

The only reason Sega had 2 put this as 2 games because of the high cost in making a 128-bit cartrige (average Mega Drive game coppasity is 64-bit) & they wouldn't be able 2 meet the deadline in time. This was supposed to be a huge improvement over S2 & I must say, they had succeeded thanks 2 the S&K lock-on cart feature!
An old game with an epic storyline! Nuf said!



Hyper-Shan commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

Even though I have this & the full version on Mega Collection Plus for PS2 (I've just played it again around 3 hours ago) I'm still getting it BUT i'm keeping hold of my points for now until Nintendo would confirm about the full version (HYPER SONIC KICKS ASS!! Why did Sega take him out in the later games?)!
Like I said before... BEST SONIC GAME EVER, SONIC 3 & KNUCKLES!!!




Hyper-Shan commented on Earthworm Jim:

I played this ages ago... & I also got the GBA port! It's not as good in sound quality as the original but I still play the port just for laughs! At least the port was decent & playable, unlike how Sonic Genesis turned out....shame. EWJ2 port's on GBA too - SWEET!



Hyper-Shan commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

This game has to be arguably the best Sonic game of all if it was connected to Sonic & Knukles - on its own it's pretty damn decent but not as good as Sonic 2...
Nintendo & Sega have to release the full true Sonic 3 & Knuckles on V.C. or at least release Sonic & Knuckles with a sort of update or gimmick to allow us to play the full version!