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hydeks commented on Video: Your Heart Will Melt At This Sega Genes...:

@noctowl the Sega Genesis actually outsold the Super Nintendo at the beginning (from like 1991-1994) then the Sega Genesis started to die down due to Sega releasing stupid crap to prolong the Genesis' life (Sega CD, 32X, Sega Genesis Nomad) and the unexpected and expensive Sega Saturn launch didn't help Sega any. But Super Nintendo started selling more then the Genesis around 1994/95 when Nintendo was showing games like DKC and Mario RPG on just the SNES system hardware alone. The Genesis sold around 40 million, SNES 49 million, so Nintendo definitely won overall, and got tons of sales, especially near the end.

Me personally, I love classic Nintendo and I had a NES, but when I got my Genesis I was instantly hooked! I think the game that really made me love the Sega was Streets of Rage. The Sega Genesis will always be a system that I will remember very fondly, but honestly, the SNES definitely got way better games later on when the Genesis was showing it's age badly.



hydeks commented on Feature: Bayonetta - Creating Gaming's Combati...:

this right here, Bayonetta 2, this is the kinda games Nintendo needs to get to their console! Played a demo of the game at a friends house and absolutely love this game! Might be the game that forces me to get a Wii U :-)



hydeks commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

not hard to figure out why Rogue isn't coming, it's because these kind of games don't make a big enough sale on Nintendo consoles to make the cost of bringing the game to the console worth it :-P

And read the comments from Nintendo fans, they'll say things like "I wouldn't buy it anyways.." so why should they bother to bring the game to the console anyways with the reactions they get from the Nintendo fans?



hydeks commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

I pick Captain Toad and Bayonetta 2 as a secondary. Why Captain Toad, because it's the only thing original coming from Nintendo, and I pick Bayonetta 2 because I loved the first one, and it's also Nintendo FINALLY trying to give us an adult game :-P As for Smash Bros, I'm completely unimpressed by the new Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U (they have so little creativity on this game they didn't even bother giving the games a proper name!!!!) Quite honestly, just pop in Super Smash Bros Melee and Brawl and I think your basicly playing what your getting on the Wii U (minus a couple characters, big boo hoo....)

Watch Dogs isn't coming to the Wii U till November 18th!?!?



hydeks commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

Wow, so they made Nintendo fans wait a lot longer for a Wii U version of the game, that will look like the last gen Xbox 360/PS3 version, and your not even gonna give them the dlc or anything extra?!?! This is why Nintendo's home consoles have almost zero third party support, and this is why people want a X1/ PS4, cause Wii U's third party is PATHETIC. Nintendo, you need to get off your high horse and fix this NOW! (and to the people complaining and fighting, it's actually Nintendo's fault, they need to fix third party relations big time, it's not the third party or Nintendo gamers fault :-P)



hydeks commented on Nintendo Direct: New Nintendo 3DS Models Comin...:

for what you get with the new 3ds, it's definitely not worth the price at all. As for Australia and New Zealand getting the new 3ds before the west, that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Do you even care about your western fans anymore Nintendo, cause it sure feels like you don't anymore...



hydeks commented on September's Club Nintendo Reward Details Are C...:

is it just me or are they constantly giving the same games? oO The North American Club Nintendo sure went to hell this year :-P I didn't even bother receiving a Platinum reward cause I already had the games! Nintendo, you need to fix the NA Club Nintendo IMMEDIATELY!!!



hydeks commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Will Suppor...:

well, if your trying to force people to upgrade like that, how about releasing the new 3ds the same time as in japan, otherwise we'll be unhappily waiting to upgrade. Nintendo could have planned the release of Smash Bros 3ds and the release of new 3ds alot closer, alot of people will be holding off and waiting on Smash Bros now till the new 3ds comes out :-P

@rjejr I agree, they owe the people who bought the circle pad a refund, especially the people who bought the circle pad for the 3ds xl now that long ago.



hydeks commented on New Wii U and 2DS Bundles Announced, Rolling O...:

the Wii U super mario 3d world would be a great buy for me, even the wal-mart exclusive mario kart 8 bundle would be awesome! good to see nintendo is being smart and releasing great bundles before christmas time.



hydeks commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

seems like a very cheap "upgrade". They couldn't have given us a full 2nd circle pad instead of one of those nubs they used for the mouse on old 90's laptops? :-P



hydeks commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confidently Outlines Nintendo...:

umm, doesn't he mean the shift from casual to core right back to casual, cause I don't really consider the games there getting right now as core in any way, most people would consider the core gamers to be on Xbox One and PS4 :-P

As for Nintendo "moving" from casual to core, I say try alot harder, cause us huge Nintendo fans who grew up on Nintendo systems with core games (NES to GameCube) had to move on to other consoles because you alienated us with casual experiences. I would love to go back Nintendo being my main console, but they need to make the games we like and also get the third party games we also crave.



hydeks commented on Miyamoto States That Nintendo Is Sticking With...:

well, then I hope you like poopydoodoocacapoopledoople sales numbers, cause that's what your gonna keep seeing if you keep with the "Wii" formula. What Nintendo should do next time around is make a system on the level with the competitors, but also have something innovative like the wii u gamepad. If they did that, I have no doubt they would be number one, but if your gonna have really under powered systems like Wii and Wii U, then you better bring out all your A games right in the beginning or your gonna have the same problems you did with the Wii U.



hydeks commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

Microsoft and Nintendo are the only ones for me, they have the games I'm into so I own a Xbox One right now, I did have a Wii U, but it unfortunately died on me, but I have been looking to get a replacement and buy some games I've been dying to play (DKC comes to mind :-))



hydeks commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

wow, Watch Dogs is still un-released for the Wii U?!? Holy crap, whats taking so long?!?!

Nintendo fans go for Nintendo games and games PS4/One/PC fans wouldn't dare touch, thats why Nintendo is kinda in there own category :-P

@River3636 yes, don't buy Watch Dogs on Wii U, that'll REALLY teach UbiSoft a lesson (not to make games on Wii U....would you like that?) Personally, I own it on Xbox One and it's a great game, just not the game changer everyone was fantasizing about :-P



hydeks commented on Ubisoft Clarifies Reasoning For The Crew Skipp...:

Man, Nintendo really needs to work on it's third part relations :-( Wii U is comparable to 360 so the game could have easily been ported, but the whole online all the time is probably something Nintendo would frown on still. In the end, I'm not shocked this isn't coming, games that seem to work on Xbox and PlayStation don't seem too on Nintendo consoles.



hydeks commented on The Trending #WiiUDroughtAid Shows That, Actua...:

it has been a slow summer for the Wii U, but the fans shouldn't feel bad considering all the great games already released and coming soon to the system :-) I would say the worst drought is the PS4....I really can't figure out why people want that system :-P



hydeks commented on Gearbox Attempts To Extract Itself From Aliens...:

Yes, point the blame to SEGA for you guys making such poopydoodoocacapoopledoopley looking game.

Maybe SEGA did approve this game, but they where probably approving what the game was promised to look and be, you know, the good looking game they showed off before releasing a lack-luster version of the game.

@Dave24 yup, I remember him proudly saying that too



hydeks commented on Hardware Review: AtGames Arcade Gamer Portable:

I was interested up until it said "doesn't take the sd card" and then I lost my interest lol that list is missing some very good games too it ( come on, this should have been a gimme!!!)

Still would make a nice gift to a Sega fanboy ^-^



hydeks commented on Orders Open For Xbox One in China as Nintendo ...:

No offence Nintendo, but YOUR strategy won't work. These people finally get a chance to play some real video games, and your not even considering bringing the one console that would probably do very well in that region to them?!? Instead you wanna make another system (probably a poopydoodoocacapoopledoopley iQue U type thing).

I think Nintendo's move is simply silly, considering it sounds like Nintendo and their family friendly brands would do very well in China, and with the Wii U being very cheap console, I could see the Wii U being as big there as the Sega Master System was in Brazil. Feels like a huge missed opportunity.

@Unca_Lz China and Japan are two very different countries, VERY different.
Please watch the profanity and offensive slurs — TBD



hydeks commented on Sonic Boom Release Dates Are Confirmed for Wii...:

I love Sonic, I grew up on Sonic, but what they have been doing to him lately really really makes me sad :-( Please for the love of god SEGA, make Sonic the way he use to be! Sonic Generations was great, why did you go to this from that?!?!?



hydeks commented on Archie Announces Sonic Boom Comic Book Series ...:

"based on the new hit video games and tv series" wow, getting alil cocky before anythings released, aren't we? :-P

I love Sonic, I really do, but I think the Sonic Boom games will be a huge flop, and SEGA is putting too much faith in this series. What they need to do is make a Sonic ONLY game that feels like the 3D levels in Sonic Generation, not a Nathan Drake Sonic with a steroid abusing Knuckles game :-P



hydeks commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

Am I the only one sick of Sony's cockiness lately? :-P

I personally went with Xbox One cause it is an amazing system and it's actually the cheaper system here in Canada ($399 for Xbox One, $450 for PS4) and I don't regret my purchase at all, cause it has the better exclusives compared to PS4 and I can't wait for the games to come. Honestly, if I didn't pick X1, I would have got a Wii U cause it has great games and the best exclusives on any console, so knock off your stupid testimonies that everyone is abandoning Nintendo and Microsoft for Sony, your just making us hate you more :-P



hydeks commented on Devil's Third Developer Discusses Its Unique A...:

This was actually a huge shock for me at E3 this year, and it got me very hyped up!!! If Nintendo would make more decisions like this to get more mature games for the adult Nintendo fans, I would definitely consider buying (and keeping this time around) my Wii U. I absolutely love Nintendo, but I can't live on kiddie type games all the time, so if their gonna let some games like this happen on their system, I would definitely consider going back to Nintendo :-)