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Male, United Kingdom

Fri 3rd Aug 2012

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Huiee123 commented on Toki Tori - Game Boy Color Giveaway:

i had fun doing that. creative competions are far better than polls where everyone can check the answer online. i hope i win or come in the top ten as i have never played toki tori before and want to try it out.



Huiee123 commented on Nintendo Land:

Hope this comes with the wii u as a pack if you want because i certainly will. If not i will still get it because its Nintendo.



Huiee123 commented on LEGO City Undercover:

A free-roaming style game for lego is a great improvement. I wish they would do this for lego lotr or lego star wars. am getting this with the wii u for christmas.



Huiee123 commented on FIFA 13:

Yay! Chelsea can now win all three with me... again.



Huiee123 commented on Go for Goal with These FIFA 13 Wii U Shots:

Fifa looked RUBBISH on the wii and i think that 09 was better than 10 or 11 or 12. they had bad graphics, there was no money and the only good addition was in 11 and that was street mode.