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Need a Worthy Oppenent in SSB?

Male, 24, Puerto Rico

finding worthy opponents for the new smash bros game for 3ds mi code is 1220-6437-0763 3ds

Thu 13th Jun 2013

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Hucho commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS:

@26EvaWeb wow to answer this now when the game is already release. Anyways the ice climber news just notice when sakurai mentioned like before the cameout you could have ignore my question. xD



Hucho commented on Super Smash Bros. (Tentative Title):

In my recommendations to adds from classics to new characters here's my list: classics: Yoshi,Marth,Meta knight(balance),Luigi,Zelda,Captain Falcon,King Dedede,Diddi Kong,Ness,Ice Climbers.(10) newcomers:Chrom,Lyn,Palutena,Magnus,Shulk,Krystal,Mewtwo old/new, Bowser jr., Rosalina,Ghirarim or Demise,Mii,Little Mac, King K. Rool, if metroid would add one i would say dark samus since it can have different movesets than samus has long both don't have same attack it wont count has clones(14) I keep hearing rumors between Sonic and Bayonetta of an idea on being on the game im not sure if their in but ill id prefer Bayonetta since there not alot of females in the game and her movesets will make her different and also since she's been revived by Nintendo maybe smash could hopefully got an idea to make her a chance to adding her to the roster. in my total of 13 that are announce plus the classics i said are 10 and added of newcomers are 14 and if the rumor is true about bringing sonic or adding bayonetta its 1+ soo that makes a roster of 38 characters which depends if the game would have dlc hopefully if its free.