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Mon 20th May 2013

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Hours_Left commented on Review: The Starship Damrey (3DS eShop):

Great review. Personally, I loved the game. It could of been expanded in a few ways, but the experience itself was really engrossing. Anyone looking for a real atmosphere heavy game with an interesting story should give this one a go.

I've read a couple places that the Japanese version has a different bonus short story than the English version. The English one is about the Space Leeches while the Japanese version's story may be about Alex. It's hard to get a confirmation about this though since there isn't much info about this game online. I've tried sending Level-5 a message too but they haven't responded yet.

If there is another bonus short story, I hope they do translate it into English and release it somehow. (Just like I'd imagine that the Japanese fans would want our Space Leech story translated in Japanese too.)