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My fave dog pokemon is houndoom

Male, 15, Australia

Hondoom is my 1st fave dog pokemon and my 2nd fave is mighteyna my 3rd fave is arcanaine my fave cat pokemon is pursion and 2nd fave is delicaty 1st fave bird pokemon is staraptor and my 1st fave sea serpent is gyrados and 2nd fave is milotic

Fri 27th Sep 2013

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Houndoom2000 commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Pokémon X & Y Start...:

@SockoMario real pokemon fans don't judge pokemon by there appearances they just try and if they don't like it they release it for example chespin looks wierd but it can be really strong and fennikins one looks like a girl but then when it evolves it can look like a menacing (boy pokemon) and everyone had enough of fire/fighting types and its time for gamefreak to move on and I think it's going to be fire/psychic