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Thu 31st Mar 2011

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Houkyds commented on Soapbox: The 8-Bit Era Laid the Groundwork, bu...:

Agree with your article, very good. But on the point of 'the good old days' and owning a system around the time it was released, i think while it is a matter of perspective, playing a game for the first time decades after its release could give a less appreciative view.

Theres something special about playing a game when its the new, 'best thing yet' - as these games were to some, at one point.

Simply not knowing how much better these games are going to get, could make you appreciate a game in a way that would be hard to understand having already played 10 - 20 years worth of a game, genre, or even systems evolution. I think personally, it only makes it easier to pick the faults, even if you 'forgive' said faults because its old.

I cant recall the amount of games i've played and thought 'this s**t looks real' only to hears later when the new s**t looks real and wonder what the hell i was thinking.



Houkyds commented on UK Press Pins Blame For Sandy Hook Massacre On...:

While I'm sure playing fps games like Call of Duty isn't doing a psychopath with easy access to weapons any favours...

...there are millions upon millions of people who play COD and I think we'd know about it if it was the game that was warping people's minds.



Houkyds commented on Sumo Digital: Mario Kart Should Incorporate Ot...:

I think that Nintendo should release their next Mario Kart as a fully-fledged MARIO game but then add new character and GP's from other games as optional DLC.
Would keep Mario Kart purists happy, and those who want more variety can choose to buy the DLC,,,

I know I would