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Tue 13th Jul 2010

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HostX9 commented on Investors Urge Nintendo to Develop for Smartph...:

Nintendo developing for Apple or Android = 3DS goes to hell

1st If they will start develop games for Apple or Android this means they will support hardware sales for them and turn the back to it's own handheld hardware. I believe this can be suicide.

2nd option would be to develop new hardware alternatives but this is a hard way as well

3rd option make something like Sony did with mobile phones but you know they were the first there to do this. And involves the 2nd option as well. Kinda sucks but you can always beat the competition.

4th ask Nintendo manager

@47drift - it's true that Nintendo is known for quality, mostly in games and portable devices. Unfortunately in business you have to follow trends of mainstream (this also means to think out of the box) to be on the top and today the trend are smartphones. These days are hard times for handheld consoles because of Apple and Android mostly. I don't want to say this is a great alternative towards handheld gaming but that's what most people think is great. I know a lot of people who had a GameBoy back then and only 3-4 games (possibly boring games). But today you don't need to buy a gaming gadget + phone to play games. You buy a smartphone which can be for most people cheaper and easier to access then buy expensive 3DS + expensive games. Sorry but this is the truth. Hardcore gamers are in minority towards the mainstream or "average gamers". I don't want to say I like it this way but this is the true cruel reality....sorry



HostX9 commented on Feature: The Future of Nintendo Gaming - 2D or...:

All to this date there were 2D games. Sometimes I grow sick of them but then again couldn't imagine how it will look like to be without them in the future. The experience whether 2D or 3D is what count's in making a game a great game.



HostX9 commented on Iwata Writes Open Letter to 3DS Owners to Say ...:

Ouch for those who already bought the gadget but hooray for those who didn't
Jet on the other hand they were fair enough to gather some (reasonable or not - choose for yourself) excuses for the price drop, and apologize (honestly or flattering - again, you choose) to consumers.

hmmm... why didn't they choose to apologize to us Wii users who are (or at least were) longing for more great game titles whether on WiiWare or the other.



HostX9 commented on Features: Reader NES Stories:

I never seen a NES when I was a kid, although I grew up whit the old Comodore 64 and later with first PC's like 286 . But I remember my neighbor to own SNES and I went sometimes there to play it and one time she even let me borrow it O.o It was amazing although she got only tetris and a multi game cartridge
It's been just a few weeks back when I first played a NES game. Before I played some of well known titles from SNES one of them is Chrono Trigger which I never played before as a child and was amazed by it, a true old pearl among SNES games. I'm so impressed by it that I still consider it as one of the best games I EVER played. I like old games very much also those which I never played as a child, or better to say those to which I don't fell nostalgia by playing them. I also remember my school mates to have GameBoys. We were constantly around this handheld game console like it was, I don't know, the best thing we ever seen in our childish lifes But let me get back to NES. Yes, I played the Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bors 3, those games are the "fathers" of all later well known Mario series. What is better then play something that is a true invention with no cliches, pure ideas whit nothing on which would have been build on.
I prefer to all hardcore gamers to try those old - sometimes forgotten - pearls of NES.
That's my little contribution to NES. Although I honestly never played a game on a original NES but only through PC emulators I felt eager to share this great experience