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Sun 21st Aug 2011

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HollywoodRock commented on Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters (...:

Man, i love playing online Tiger Woods. My first T-Woods was TW tour 10, and playing it online against your buddies was awesome fun.. EA discontined online service for TW-10 and i understood that you had to purchase the tw-12 masters in order to play online. So i did. Somebody plz tell me if im wrong or not but TW-12 online is crap. Has a putt review which blows my mind. Means, if you choose, you can get help with your degree of angle for putt which sux big time. Also, no announcers to enhance the challenge of playing online. It is really not fun to play online anymore and i really enjoyed that emensely. I dont know if the PS3 online is any better but im trying to find out if it is exactly same at the Wii online. But, if it is like TW-10 online, im going to purchase the PS3 just so i can get the same satisfaction as i did with the TW-10 online.

Your opinon would be greatly appreciated.