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Sat 12th Apr 2008

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Holicool commented on Review: Bomberman Blast (WiiWare):

@Tony : exactly, it is kind of Mario Kart like in terms of luck (but not THAT much though)... And yes, it has a "Friends" feature

@Nharox : well, you said it : "when you play offline"... :-/ I am still convinced there are too many items for online play...



Holicool commented on Review: Bomberman Blast (WiiWare):

I have played that game last evening. Here are my comments :


  • fast Nintendo Wi-Fi servers, you do not need much time to find opponents
  • pretty cool musics
  • very accurate and responsive gameplay in terms of controls
  • addictive, mostly thanks to the 8-player online mode


  • I find most of the stages pretty messy in terms of graphics. On my HDTV (480p), the blocks and floor textures are too sharp, which makes the gaming experience pretty confused at some point. In the previous editions of the game (including the Dreamcast one), you only had to focus on not being in the fireline + collect items. In this Wiiware version, you spend too much time wondering where you walk...
  • too many items ! Whether these are to upgrade or downgrade your skills, there are too many kinds of them and even worse, there are simply too many available during a game ! Your screen can quickly contain 30 items, some being power-ups, some power-downs, it spoils the pleasure. I feel like this bomberman is less about tactics, and more about chance and action...

All in all, I give it a 6/10. I need to spend more time on this title, but I am not THAT convinced it is such a good Bomberman.



Holicool commented on Wave Race 64:

Are you sure the game is in 60Hz mode ?

I've downloaded the European version (English / German) and there are some black stripes at the top and the bottom of the screen. And to be honest, the animation is far from being smooth, especially when I compare with the video posted in the above article...

Can anybody confirm the ROM is in 60hz ?