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Mon 29th Mar 2010

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Hodn commented on Nintendo Download: 27th April - Virtual Consol...:

@nomeacuerdo: You are kind of right its not very difficult to pack the games it´s basically a emulator with the rom in it. Anyway it wouldn´t make sense to put out 80 VC games (for example) and it the end only 8 or whatever will only bought thought a bit more wouldn´t have hurt .



Hodn commented on Nintendo Insists That Apple's iPad Isn't a Threat:

Yeah it´s a nice "toy" and everyone who is interested on electronic stuff at all probably likes it but honestly it´s still a pretty expensive device especially for what is possible on it (or should i say what is not possible ), you could buy 2 "real" consoles for that money or a much better laptop (where you can show your friends too what´s going on ).
I just think "most" games are not made for a touch screen of course puzzling and such stuff are perfect for it but i mean "real" games.

However i admit that i don´t like Apple at all and all this iPhone, iPod or whatever i... are imo only hyped things (or peoples just want to be "IN" or so) , Apple is just very good in marketing this stuff but they are not the only ones with touch screens anymore.



Hodn commented on Red Steel 2 Blunted After Poor UK Chart Debut:

In my opinion it´s really a piracy problem especially since the game was out a week before the official release date. The "casual" gamers don´t really about pirating a game but the so known "hardcore" gamers (the potential buyers for this game) are just more open btw. interested to this hacking stuff and of course pirate the games then
(not everyone ).
However i´m pretty sure over a longer period it will sell especially if the price goes down.