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Wed 13th November, 2013

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Hitman1102 commented on Video: The Top 10 Mario Platformers, As Select...:

Upsetting that Super Mario was only at 10 but I understand why. Each Mario has improved and been better than the last for the most part but SMB still remains my favorite game to this day. It's the only game I can ever say was perfect when it was released. The colors, the graphics, the music, the gameplay. It was a work of art the likes of which were never seen before. Oh man, I can still remember the excitement.

The beauty about video games, and Nintendo especially is that it has a wide range of ages enjoying the hobby. If someone was born 5-10 years after me and started with SMW or SM64 they probably aren't going to have the same experience I had with the original. No fault of theirs. I'm just glad so many people, regardless of age, enjoy Mario!