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Making Reynbows

Male, 25, United Kingdom

I'm a regular 25 year old scouser obsessed with video games. I'm a Zelda kinda guy.

Tue 28th Jun 2011

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Hervine commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

Don't care about not being able to play a board game with strangers online so I'll definitely be getting this to play with my friends and girlfriend.

I loved Mario Party 9 so I'll love this, got bored of the old style of Mario Party so I was one of the only people who seemed to be happy about it.



Hervine commented on Soapbox: Portable Gaming Forges a Special Rela...:

Great read! Completely agree.

The DS and 3DS are definitely my all time best handhelds. My sister and Mum would play mine to the point where my Mum bought her own!

When I was a kid I used to get my Mum to kill Lanmola for me on Link to the past, and when she bought a DS I was the one helping her with Phantom Hourglass!

My sister and I shared a save on Animal Crossing WIld World when we used to live together and that was pretty great time and makes me happy looking back. I did borrow alot of bells from her though to buy a Triforce from Redd (Sorry Georgie!)

Now since I have the new 3DS I gave my Zelda 3DS to my Mum and all the 3DS Zelda games for her to play through and she's now 51 and still loving games ;D



Hervine commented on Round Table: Let's Talk Super Smash Bros. For ...:

I love it! I love picking it up and having a few online matches when I don't feel like playing anything big.

I don't care that it lacks features like the play once and never revisit subspace. It's a fighting game and it has alot more still than most fighting games do today and ever have.