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"I want to be the very best."

Male, 16, United States

Hey. Um im not really good with descriptions but i love to play videos games like pokemon,zelda,mario and others. I also like watching let'splays on youtube and love reading as well. Overall im a pretty quiet guy usually very shy and yeah thats pretty much it...bye

Wed 26th February, 2014

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HeroOfTime3D commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

Twilight princess ocarina of time majoras mask and skyward sword are some of my favorites but overall twilight princess holds a special place in my heart because its my first zelda game and the reason i love zelda today thanks to my friend who let me borrow his game plus i had the best moments and memories from that game...aaah nostalgia



HeroOfTime3D commented on New Trailer Shows Cosplay Pikachu & Mega Metag...:

So far these games are turning out to be even more awesome(not that they weren't before) but im getting more excited and hyped for this especially since we have secret bases back, mega metagross and one of my all time favorite champions steven will bring us to our knees with his metagross...not only that but i get to relive the childhood and one of my favorite pokemon games of all time