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Hernandez commented on Former Criterion Boss Alex Ward Laments Issues...:

Let's face the facts: Nintendo has nothing that can directly compete with a Forza or a Gran Turismo. Need For Speed was (is) the closest thing and it's a superb racing game, in my humble opinion.

The fact that it didn't sell just shows me that most (key word) Ninty fans only care about first party titles. Developers are well aware of this and Nintendo has done nothing to help them change that sad reality.

Six months old or not, I still think it should have been given the "system seller treatment" by Nintendo.



Hernandez commented on The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight, And No,...:

@DanMan82 Ah, I see. My bad then.

@midnafanboy I'll be getting Smash Bros. for the 3DS, for sure. That is the one console I can't complain about.

Other than that, two games are not enough to make me want to keep a console. Especially when we're talking about franchises that are already available to me in the 3DS (with superb entries too).

Meanwhile, I'm super hyped about games like Rime, Valiant Hearts, Below or Transistor. That's without even mentioning the "AAA" titles like Metal Gear, Dragon Age, Destiny, The Witcher, Kingdom Hearts, The Division, Final Fantasy, etc.
Plus all the exclusives...

Do I really need another first-party machine that will only sit there, collecting dust, for months at a time (like the Wii)? Or should I try to get some of my money back — to invest on the games that I mentioned — and learn not to trust Nintendo, when it comes to home consoles?



Hernandez commented on The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight, And No,...:

@DanMan82 One game? Seriously? I'd make a list, but I really don't think I have the time...

Iwata doesn't know what the hell he's doing. By having a Wii U I feel like I'm supporting mediocrity.

I mean, here I am, starved for interesting games, and what I get is flippin' Donkey Kong. THAT is what they wasted all the talent at Retro Studios on.
I'm still playing 3D World, Rayman Legends and Mario Bros. U — probably all better games than Tropical Freeze — and they wanna shove another (less impressive) platformer down my throat? At least give me SOMETHING that can compete with all the "Arkham Knights" that I will never get to play.

I may keep the Wii U — depends on what offers I get — but I definitely regret my purchase and probably always will.



Hernandez commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014:

I wasn't that hyped about Tropical Freeze until I recently played DKC Returns 3D. If it's anything like that game, it will be another amazing platformer.

But seeing as the Wii U desperately needs some RPGs, I voted for Monolith Soft's X.



Hernandez commented on Nintendo Direct Focusing On Wii U And 3DS Game...:

I'm hoping for a new mature title, like a Madworld or a No More Heroes, but I doubt they'll deliver. An RPG (that isn't X) would also be nice.

I'm really not expecting much. Probably more release dates and new characters for games I don't really care about.



Hernandez commented on Nintendo Titles Fail to Infiltrate the UK All-...:

And just to finalize my participation on this thread (since it's making me sad) I'll give you an example of how a typical conversation of mine goes, with regular, "unaffiliated" gamers:

Friend: So, you think I should buy a Wii U?
Me: Well, it has a new Mario game. It's really good.
Friend: Cool, cool... what about Killzone or Halo? Does it have anything like that?
Me: Not really the type of game you will find on this console. Maybe in a few years...
Friend: What about Forza or Gran Turismo? Something like that?
Me: Nope...
Friend: GTA?
Me: Haha, never. There's this Lego game though...
Friend: But I can still play the latest FIFA on it, right?
Me: Not really, but you can play it on your old Wii, if you have one of those.
Friend: Oh well, I'll probably buy one for my girlfriend anyway, so she can play some RPGs...
Me: WAIT! There's only one game like that announced and we don't even know ANY details. You're probably better off with a Sony console for that...
Friend: So, why did you buy a Wii U again?
Me: ...

It's sad, but I just can't "sell" this console to anyone other than hardcore Nintendo fans. The 3DS on the other hand, is so easy to recommend these days...



Hernandez commented on Nintendo Titles Fail to Infiltrate the UK All-...:

@Caryslan The 3DS, unlike the Wii U, offers a vast selection of games of all types, including the ones that I mentioned. It also has superb third party support, something the Wii U does not — and probably never will — have.

When the 3DS did not offer these games it was struggling just as much as the Wii U is now. You have to offer the FIFAs and the Need For Speeds along with the Marios and Animal Crossings.

Marketing isn't the problem. The console's name isn't the problem. Hell, even the mediocre hardware isn't the real problem here. It's all about having a compelling library of games, with mass appeal and the promise of many more to come.

If you're a Nintendo fan, you're going to buy a Nintendo console no matter what. And you will be grateful for all the amazing first-party experiences Nintendo provides. You will never regret your purchase.

But if you're a regular gamer, looking for a new console, you're going to look at the exclusives. You're going to look at the AAA multiplats. You're going to look at the "brands" (developers) backing the console.

Nintendo doesn't really have anything that will draw the attention of those gamers.
Bayonetta 2 could've been a good start, but it's taking really long to release and nothing else like it has been announced. To make things worse, most companies that provide that kind of "mature" experience aren't really paying much attention to Nintendo's latest.

I'll say it again: Mario Kart and Donkey Kong won't save this console. The people who already have a Wii U (Nintendo fans) will buy them and love them, but they won't sell systems.

PS: Pokémon X/Y is actually a good example of a game that will sell to both casual and hardcore gamers, as well as Nintendo fans. Sadly, it's one more thing that will NEVER come to the Wii U.



Hernandez commented on Nintendo Titles Fail to Infiltrate the UK All-...:

It's pointless to defend the UK at this point, the numbers say it all. Most people there do, in fact, have bad taste in games.

I have "good" news though. It's not just the UK. People in my own country (Portugal) are exactly the same! All they care about are their yearly iterations of FIFA, COD and Need For Speed.

North America? The same! Heck, even Japan, once the "promised land" of creative gaming is slowly, but steadily, turning to brown shooters and racing "simulators" (with micro-transactions shoved in for good measure).

If Nintendo wants to remain relevant, they need to accept that times have changed. Casual players have moved on — some are still stuck on the Wii fad — so who's left and what do they want?

They need the FIFA franchise back. They need some AAA shooters — be it Conduit, first-person Metroid, or something entirely new. They need a proper racing simulator or two. They need "mature" — and we all know what that means in this day and age — action games and RPGs.

And they need it all in 1080p, 60 frames per second glory! Because that's what these guys care about the most...

Failure to provide those will just result in Nintendo becoming even more of a "niche" company, with a kid-friendly (uncool) image. And that is why Donkey Kong and Mario Kart will also fail to "save" the Wii U.



Hernandez commented on NPD Results Deliver a 3DS Milestone And Modest...:

It's a shame. The console is great and has some nice titles already. But the price point doesn't fit the hardware and people are wary, fearing that it may not last.
It also doesn't help that Nintendo hasn't sent a clear message regarding their target audience.

If this is primarily a "casual" console, the Wii Mini needs to go and the price lowered significantly on the Wii U.
If it's mainly for "core gamers" and Nintendo fans, (some) third party support has to be regained and certain franchises also have to be revived — Star Fox, Metroid, F-Zero, etc. — along with the addition of even more "mature" titles, similar to Bayonetta, X or Majora's Mask.

I'm enjoying my Wii U, but I won't lie... I fear for the future. I really don't want to have to buy a second console — it's a luxury I simply can't justify — to have a "full" library of games.
I want the Wii U marketplace to thrive, but for that to happen it probably needs a decent install base first.

In short: it's time to step it up, Nintendo! I need more good news! :(



Hernandez commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

The Wii U may not be the best option, but it is definitely an option.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I only buy a couple of games per month, usually one for my 3DS and another for my Wii U. It's all I have time for.
Based on what I already know is coming in 2014, I think Nintendo — even with substandard 3rd party support — has me covered.

There are some real indie gems coming next year, not to mention Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Monolith's X, Child of Light, Watch_Dogs, Bayonetta... the list is getting pretty long.

Yes, the Wii U had a huge drought after such a promising release, but now it's really coming into its own. Hopefully, more people will start taking notice and picking the U for their main console.



Hernandez commented on Epic Vice President Mark Rein Remains Unconvin...:

I don't really like the GamePad, to be honest.

The Pro Controller is far better to hold and play with. I don't know why no one praises Nintendo on that, they actually have a great, gimmick-free controller, in the Pro.

Also, I don't think the Wii U needed to be more powerful. Nintendo was never planning to offer yet another multi-platform box. The XBone, PS4 and PC have that covered, but they will never offer that unique "Nintendo experience".

It does, however, need to be cheaper. They need to create a bundle without the GamePad and sell it for A LOT less. Lower the entry point to Nintendo gaming, like they did with the 2DS.

Let the GamePad be just another option for those that really want it (particularly for Off-TV gaming).



Hernandez commented on Poll: Nintendo and the Wii U Fight For Your At...:

@Gioku The only thing better than getting a Wii Mini is getting a second-hand Wii. I'm planning on getting one for my cousin, actually. They are very affordable right now.

The Wii is still a fine console. One of the best I've owned, actually, with a lot of hidden gems and (literally) hundreds of fun, casual games.

Nintendo isn't just competing with Sony and Microsoft this christmas, it's also competing with itself...



Hernandez commented on Poll: Nintendo and the Wii U Fight For Your At...:

Believe it or not, I think I saw a lot more interest in the Wii Mini than in the Wii U.

Nintendo really needs to re-think their strategy and start focusing solely on core gamers and Nintendo fans.
The few casuals that haven't switched to mobiles, still seem in-love with the "regular" Wii and its now unbeatable price. And I can understand why...



Hernandez commented on Super Mario 3D World Underwhelms on Japanese C...:

Well, there's no positive way to spin this. The numbers speak for themselves, the Wii U is in trouble.

If a (possibly GOTY) 3D Mario can't save the system, nothing can.

That said, I doubt Nintendo would dare discontinue the Wii U. That would damage their brand name beyond repair. Same goes for going 3rd party.

They will probably keep supporting the Wii U, to a certain extent at least, while 3rd parties continue to jump ship.
With any luck, we will still get some memorable games along the way, like we did with the Gamecube. So all we can really do at this point is enjoy what we're given.



Hernandez commented on Wii U Isn't Getting Need For Speed: Rivals Tha...:

I'm still playing Most Wanted... it seems kind of early for yet another Need for Speed.

So yeah, I probably wouldn't get it anyway, and by the time I'm ready for another racing game Mario Kart will be around. This one won't be missed.



Hernandez commented on Kamiya: Nintendo "Totally Respected" The Creat...:

No disrespect to Platinum, but I think my beloved Star Fox should be developed by one of Nintendo's own development groups.

Plat would make the game flashier, for sure, but I'm afraid they might fill it with pointless gameplay mechanics.

The controls (as well as the HUD) need to be absolutely flawless in SF games.



Hernandez commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

Looks like a great console for children. No 3D to mess with their eyes, nothing that can be easily snapped off, a more affordable price...

The thing is (almost literally) built like a brick. It's obviously meant to withstand some punishment.

Plus, I don't think it looks bad at all. The only reason why I would never get one is because it wouldn't fit in any of my pockets.



Hernandez commented on The Wonderful 101 Struggles In Its First Week ...:

It's a real shame.

If only they had made the gameplay less confusing and eased up on the sensory overload, I'm sure it would have sold better. Then again, it wouldn't have been a real Platinum game if they did.

I don't know. I guess I just miss the days of Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Battletoads, etc. Games back then didn't need to be chaotic and cluttered in order to be challenging.

The controls were "simple" and intuitive (near perfect, imho), but you still needed excellent decision-making skills and reflexes to beat them.

"Minutes to learn, a lifetime to master." - That's what I've come to expect from Nintendo's first and second party games. W101 did not deliver.



Hernandez commented on The Wonderful 101 Misses the Top 20 in UK All-...:

Wait a second, I'm no longer allowed to think a game has some (serious) design issues without being labeled a hater? Is that really what it's come down to?

I am just another potential customer sharing his opinion, based on what he's seen of the demo/gameplay videos. All I'm doing is letting others know why I won't be buying this game at full price.

You people make it sound like I have something personal against any of these companies, when quite frankly, I couldn't give less of a damn as long as they keep me entertained — which isn't even that hard to do.

Nintendo and Platinum will live on, even if I don't particularly enjoy this one game. Please move on.



Hernandez commented on The Wonderful 101 Misses the Top 20 in UK All-...:

I've just registered, in order to say that I agree with every single point that Kirk has brought up.

The HUD does look too intrusive. There is also far too much happening on-screen and far too many things to concentrate on, at any given time. All in all, it simply looks... cluttered.

I love my Wii U to bits and I also love the fact that they are planning to bring us one great game per month.
However, W101 just isn't what I've come to expect from Nintendo (and its direct partners). It's simply not intuitive enough and, next to Pikmin 3, ends up looking like a bit of a mess.

I'm sure I'll buy it eventually, but for now, I have other priorities.