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United Kingdom

Fri 18th Oct 2013

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Herbert commented on GAME Offers Musical Chest With Collector's Edi...:

This of course is not morally right but what dose comsumer law say in the untied kingdom

Nintendo specifically sent a tweet claiming preoders of link between worlds from game will receive the chest and thus people like me have placed a preorder because of it, only for it be retracted.

see the tweet for your self notice not a word about a collectors edition

Ta-da-da-daaa! Pre-order The Legend of #Zelda: A Link Between Worlds @GAMEdigital to get this exclusive item:

notice it makes no mention of a collectors edition merely preorder the game

consumer law of the united kingdom dictates

A commercial practice is aggressive if it significantly impairs (or is likely to significantly impair) the average consumer's freedom of choice by the use of harassment, coercion (including physical force) or undue influence and so causes or is likely to cause him to take a different decision.

in addition the law describes

Bait advertising - advertising products at a specified price without disclosing that the trader has reasonable grounds to believe he may not be able to supply them or their equivalent at that price for a reasonable period or in reasonable quantities.

"Bait and switch" – inviting consumers to buy one product but then trying to persuade them to buy a different one – e.g. by refusing to show them the original item, or to take orders or make delivery arrangements, or by showing a defective sample.

Falsely stating a product will only be available (or available on certain terms) for a very limited time to persuade the consumer to make an immediate decision.

the clear intent to offer a bonus was for people to order from game advertising and retracting it this is against the consumer protection act because they already advertised it.

i felt even more disgusted after Cabooselololol confirmed it was a preorder bonus which game have decided to charge for. i cant believe two companies i trust for years have treated us this way.