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Re: The Denpa Men 2 QR Code Sharing Thread


Hi! I've been stalking this thread for a little while now, so I figured I may as well join in~ (And by that I mean actually join the site because I'd never even heard of it before snooping around for QR codes.)

And I will say that this thread has been an absolute lifesaver for me! I haven't been able to find more than the three other Denpa Men that come the first time you use the radar. I don't really get out much, and when I do I always forget to bring my DS along. For some reason, even if I go so far as to get in my car and turn the radio on, not a single one shows up. So yeah, your code-sharing has essentially given me a team!

As far as room upgrades go, I recall there being one in a side room after clearing the tunnel the dwarves were digging. Maybe you missed it? (Or maybe I'm remembering wrong?) There's also one in the Pyramid.

But anyways, here are my three little buggers:


George (the mustachioed Creamsicle at the end there) is probably my favorite of the three.

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