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Thu 3rd Apr 2014

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Halzacar commented on Nintendo's Latest Hanafuda Deck Is Perhaps Its...:

For those worried about the quality, I bought the Pokemon hanafuda when I lived there and they are very high quality. The packaging in the picture is the standard packaging for hanafuda. The inner paper package is meant to be tossed and the cards are stored in the plastic case.

As for learning to play, I would suggest koi koi as a starting point. It's fairly easy to learn.



Halzacar commented on 3DS Enjoys a Major Hardware Boost in Japan as ...:

To put this into perspective:

1) 3% up or down on a price is actually a big deal here. I've seen my friends and co-workers go nuts over a 5% off sale

2) There have been signs warning of the 3% increase posted every 5 feet in every store for the last month or so. The stores have been using this to increase sales, and judging by how busy stores have been the last two weeks, it definitely worked.