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Mon 28th March, 2011

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Guybrush20X6 commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

Still it's better than Resi 5. Not talking about the first levels where you happen to be playing a white guy shooting zombies that happen to be in Africa but the later levels where you fight infected tribesmen sterotypes. But as Yahtzee said it's not a true offence as not being aware, "Capcom ins't evil, they're just stupid!"



Guybrush20X6 commented on Talking Point: What's Next For amiibo?:

Looking at Trap Team what I would want is a Pokeball amiibo that can hold the data of one pokemon from your game. And it should come with a pokemon already in it like Pokeball pattern Villion.



Guybrush20X6 commented on Masahiro Sakurai Admits That Super Smash Bros....:

I believe it's for the best. I like how Smash stand out from other games but I think it needs a different design philosophy for the next one. Maybe one that gives Ganondorf a proper moveset.

He's made four great Smash games, many great Kirby games and a Kid Icarus game that would be awesome if they updated it to use the n3DS's second stick.



Guybrush20X6 commented on Capcom Could Be Up For Sale After Shareholders...:

@WanderingPB As far as I remember Rare was doing well but the original owners sold their 51% for an unprecedented amount to Microsoft. I wonder if they feel it was worth it now.

It's sad that Capcom has such bad PR that people thing this is a "thigns can't get worse so why not" situation though.